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Universities To Adopt Primary School Data System

Universities To Adopt Primary School Data System

The government, through the Ministry of Education, has suggested the implementation of the primary school data system, the National Education Management System (Nemis), in all universities across the nation.

Currently, the government employs Nemes in elementary and secondary education.

Higher Education Management System (Hemis) is currently under review after it was intended to be implemented at the postsecondary level.

Adoption of Hemis was a topic of discussion at the inaugural international annual conference held at the Cooperative University on Friday, September 23.

Stakeholders addressed methods to enhance university data administration.

According to Dr. Shem Mbandu, a senior lecturer at The Co-operative University of Kenya, the proposed system (Higher Education System) in the university claims to address issues caused by inconsistent data sets stored in a chaotic database by multiple data bureaus.

Among the difficulties, it tries to address are the absence of a single point of truth for a student pursuing higher education, insufficient integrated data, and redundant reporting to several organizations.

Among the organizations that will profit from the system are Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS), the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), the Universities Funding Board (UFB), and the Commission on University Education (CUE).

“Hemis proposes a single source of truth for all stakeholders through integration with all agencies through secure communication protocols, student tracking systems, and staff data in the public, private universities, and TVET institutions.

Ministry of Education: “Information sharing and data principles will enhance decision making, strategy building, and planning.”

In primary and secondary schools, Nemis is a web-based data management system that collects information from educational institutions, processes and reports the status of designed indicators, and provides the sector with a foundation for effective school management.

By storing student/pupil data connected to a Unique Identifier that is randomly created using a verified process, Nemis aims to facilitate the streamlining of data management for informed decision-making and planning in the education sector.

In addition to other functions, NEMIS data is utilized to distribute government fee capitation.

With its updated server infrastructure and improved system design, the system enhances the user experience for our customers, according to CSMagoha.

“Through these processes, the Ministry and its stakeholders will be able to effectively access and monitor indicators to aid in their mandate and in their decision-making processes,” he added.

Universities To Adopt Primary School Data System
Universities To Adopt Primary School Data System


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