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TSC Transfers School Principals In Latest Changes

TSC Transfers School Principals.

The Ministry of Education has changed the leadership of three schools in Murang’a County.

Gerrison Mwangi, the principal of Kiaguthu Boys School, has been transferred to Njiiri High School to replace Kamau Chomba, who is leaving to lead Alliance High School in Kiambu.

Mwangi delegated leadership of Kiaguthu Boys in Murang’a to Kagema Kibue of Karega Mixed Day Secondary School in Kigumo.

Mwangi has been at Kiaguthu since 2016, when he took over for Wilson Kamunya, who was transferred to Nyahururu’s Ndururumo High School.

Mwangi stated yesterday that he worked with stakeholders to improve the school’s performance, resulting in a high number of students qualifying for university admission over the last six years.

“I have worked with several institutions and all geared towards better returns at the national level,” said Mwangi on the day he started his tour of duty at Njiiri.

Kagema expressed his delight at being at Kiaguthu High and promised to work with all stakeholders to improve performance.

“The issue is to work hand in hand with stakeholders for the interest of the students,” said Kagema.

Stephen Mburu, a former teacher at St Mary Lioki in Kiambu, was promoted by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to replace Kagema at Karega.

TSC announced in March this year that it plans to balance staffing across schools. Chief Executive officer Nancy Macharia stated that the process will be done with a human face.

Dr. Macharia stated that TSC seeks a proportionate number of teachers in public schools after it was discovered that some schools were understaffed while others had more teachers than needed.


This means that some tutors will be transferred from schools with more teachers to schools with fewer teachers.

The exercise, according to the commission, aims to improve the teacher-to-learner ratio.

TSC Transfers School Principals.



  1. Happy to see Me kamunua raise in scale.

    He was my great maths tr at Nyagatugu boys early 2000. He built a mathematician in me and now I am a senior maths tutor.


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