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When Magoha Exposed UoN’s Multi-Million Red Carpet Scam

When Magoha Exposed UoN’s Multi-Million Red Carpet Scam

The late George Omore Magoha, a former Education Cabinet Secretary, was known for his efforts to stop a multi-million dollar syndicate that involved leasing out red carpets during graduation ceremonies at the University of Nairobi (UoN) at a high fee.

According to David Osiany, a former Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and Enterprise Development, Magoha was able to put an end to the syndicate during his tenure at the institution.

“Stories are told of how when he became Deputy Vice Chancellor for Admin and Finance, he brutally stopped a cartel involving a gentleman who would supply a carpet to be used at graduation square each year,” Osiany recalled.

In a tribute on January 26, Osiany explained that Magoha was able to weed out the tenderpreneurship syndicate, which had been collecting millions from UoN.

He mentioned that the institution was charged Ksh2 million for each carpet rented for a day during graduation. However, Magoha used his position as the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance to cancel the tender and instead, fixed cabros on the graduation square.

Osiany stated that Magoha was a skilled administrator and a shrewd politician who knew how to handle different situations.

He was able to restore order at UoN, which had been plagued by frequent student unrest by adopting different techniques and forming relationships with student leaders.

He also knew when to use threats, and according to Osiany, those threats were not empty but were brutal.

Magoha passed away on January 24 at the Nairobi Hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest. Despite efforts by medics to revive him, he was unable to be saved.

Overall, Magoha was a dedicated and effective administrator who worked to improve the University of Nairobi by ending the red carpet scam and restoring order to the institution.

When Magoha Exposed UoN’s Multi-Million Red Carpet Scam


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