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TSC To Continue With TPD After Court Ruling

TSC To Continue With TPD After Court Ruling on Legality

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) was allowed to implement the teachers’ training program (TPD) after a judge dismissed a case contesting its legality.

The Employment and Labour Relations Court’s Justice David Nderitu upheld the Teacher Professional Development program after the petitioner failed to submit evidence demonstrating that it violated certain provisions of the Constitution.

“It’s not enough for a party to make an allegation and expect the court to automatically find it in his favor.

“A party in a case, unless otherwise provided for in law, bears the burden of proof,” the judge stated.

The petitioner had launched a lawsuit against TSC, alleging that it had violated procurement laws by designating institutions entrusted with carrying out the training without consulting education stakeholders during its launch.

He stated that TSC had forced a costly scheme on educators without previous consultation with key parties.

However, TSC defended itself by asserting that the program’s objective was to evaluate the nation’s teaching standards.

Contrary to the allegations, TSC stated that the initiative was implemented only after receiving complete consent from all relevant parties.

TSC noted, “Beyond the fact that the training is grounded on the law, it is beneficial for enhancing the professional standards of teachers, hence improving the quality of education.”

The required training program was introduced on 22 September 2021, and its module is anticipated to serve as the foundation for teacher promotions and employment reviews.

Each instructor was required to pay Ksh6,000 per five-year module.

The training was also intended to fit with the standards of the newly implemented Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), which replaced the 8-4-4 system.


However, President William Ruto stated that the CBC system must be reevaluated to solve areas that impeded its success.

The nomination of Ezekiel Machogu as the new Education Cabinet Secretary, succeeding George Omore Magoha, marks the beginning of a review of CBC.

TSC To Continue With TPD After Court Ruling


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