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TSC Upscale Online Services for Teachers

TSC Upscale Online Services for Teachers

The Teachers’ Services Commission (TSC), like most government institutions such as the Huduma Center, has incorporated information and communication technologies (ICT) into its operations.

The Commission identified Reform and Innovation in the Provision of Teaching Services as its strategic focus area in its 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, with the goal of improving service delivery to its employees and stakeholders. 

In this regard, the Commission has successfully transitioned services related to teacher recruitment and promotion to an online system. 

Since March 1, 2021, TSC has shifted from manual applications for teacher recruitment or promotion.

To that end, applications for transfer are made available via the Commission’s website at in accordance with the attached schedule, while the mode and manner of application for both recruitment and promotion are normally communicated in the advertisements whenever a vacancy exists.

The Commission has also implemented an e-platform for official emails, virtual meetings, and remote learning. 

The platform is intended for all teachers employed by the Commission as well as those enrolled in internship programs.

The platform is used for official communication between the Commission and teachers, including the transmission of official letters, circulars, pay slips, and responses to teachers’ inquiries, among other things.

To promote the use of free e-learning.

It is also used to encourage and support the use of virtual meetings. 

Institutions can thus use the platform to hold virtual meetings, and teachers can form peer groups to carry out learning activities such as mentoring and coaching.

Implementation Process

All institutional heads and teachers, including those on internship, must activate their email accounts on the platform and use them for all communications with the Commission. 

The official email includes the teachers’ names, the last two digits of their TSC number, and the domain @mwalimu.tsc.go. ke.

The detailed procedure for activating the system is described in the user guidelines attached to this circular and is also available on the Commission’s website.

The Commission’s ICT field officers can assist with account activation where necessary. 

Heads of institutions can use ICT champions to sensitize teachers in their institutions and provide any technical assistance that is required.

Heads of institutions are always advised to open a separate head-of-institution email account in addition to an official personal account. 

For the sake of continuity, this address is made available to subsequent heads of institutions.

After all teachers in the institution have activated their emails, heads of institutions must update the teachers’ official email addresses and register personal mobile numbers in the Teacher Management Information System (TMIS) within 30 days.


Users can also get help with email activation, virtual meetings, and remote learning by emailing 

All other normal questions and/or issues should be directed to

TSC Upscale Online Services for Teachers



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