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TSC Deregistered Teachers; July 2022

TSC Deregistered Teachers; July 2022.

A teacher’s registration can be revoked if he or she:

  • obtains registration by deception.
  • Has been convicted of a sexual offense or a crime against a student.
  • Has been convicted of a criminal offense that makes the individual unfit to teach.
  • Is found unfit to teach as a result of disciplinary proceedings.
  • Suffers from a physical or mental illness or infirmity that prevents the individual from performing the duties of a teacher.
  • When a teacher’s name is deregistered, it is published in the Kenya Gazette.

TSC Deregistered Teachers; July 2022.

No person shall be qualified to practice as a teacher unless the person holds a Certificate of Registration issued by the Commission.

A person shall be eligible to be registered as a teacher if the person-

(a) is of good moral character;
(b) holds a relevant academic and professional qualifications from a training institution recognized in Kenya; and
(c) meets the requirements for registration set by the Commission from time to time,

Any person who is not a citizen of Kenya who wishes to be registered as a teacher in accordance with the Act shall be required to submit to the Commission authenticated copies of the following documents-

(a) academic and professional certificates and other evidence for registration as a teacher obtained in Kenya or the country of origin;

(b) the academic and professional certificates in (a) must have
been awarded by an accredited foreign institution and
equated by the relevant public body in Kenya;
(c) certificate of registration as a teacher or authority to teach
in the country of origin;
(d) a valid work permit issued by the department for the time
being responsible for immigration; and
(e) a valid certificate of good conduct issued by the relevant
law enforcement agency in the country of origin.

A person who qualifies to be registered as a teacher under Apphcatron for
the Act, may apply to the Commission. resrstratron’

(l)An application for registration shall be in the manner set Particularsror
out in Form A under the First Schedule and shall provide-
(a) full name;
(b) gender;
(c) date of birth;
(d) physical address;
(e) postal address;
(f) email address;
(g) telephone number;
(h) national identification or passport number;
(i) Kenya Revenue Authority Personal Identification Number
() academic qualifications;
(k) duly filled GP 69 Form;
(l) professional qualifications; and
(m) any other particulars or information that the Commission
may require compliance with existing laws.

An application shall be accompanied by –
(a) Certificate of Good Conduct;
(b) reference from the most recent educational institutions
attended by the applicant;
(c) certified copy of a degree, a diploma, or a certificate from a
recognized institution;


(d) the prescribed fee;
(e) certified copy of identity card or passport; and
(0 any other documents as the Commission may prescribe.
(3) A person must have pedagogical training to be registered as a



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