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Top 20 Teachers’ Highest Paying Countries In The World

Top 20 Teachers’ Highest Paying Countries In the World

Teachers have an impact on the lives and careers of their students.

They have the potential to motivate their students to be diligent in and out of the classroom, and they steer them toward the most suitable career goals.

Teachers are undervalued in a majority of African nations.

The average teacher’s annual salary in the world is approximately $47,000, which is significantly less than many of them deserve.

Teachers in elementary and secondary schools should earn more than the majority of business magnates, rock stars, and political officeholders due to the adversity they face in the classroom.

I believe it is just proper that teachers should have a high income, doesn’t have to be the highest but at the least, more than enough to keep teachers from worrying about money and instead focus their time and energy on teaching.

I know you clicked on this site because you are anxious to find out the top 20 countries that are paying their teachers the most.

But if we are going to evaluate it, we will find out that these countries are truly well-developed countries.

And no, they don’t pay their teachers a lot of money because they are highly developed.

However, not all nations undervalue their teachers. There are a few countries that pay teachers exceptionally well.

Top 20 Teachers’ Highest Paying Countries In the World

These are the 20 countries where high school teachers commencing their careers earn the best salaries, for educators wishing to migrate.

  1. Luxembourg – $109,000 or Ksh.13,100,000
  2. Switzerland – $103,000 or Ksh.12,444,000
  3. Canada – $74,000 or Ksh.8,940,000
  4. Germany – $70,000 or Ksh.8,456,000
  5. Netherlands – $67,000 or Ksh.8,094,000
  6. Australia – $67,000 or Ksh.8,094,000
  7. United States – $60,000 or Ksh.7,248,000
  8. Ireland – $53,000 or Ksh.6,403,000
  9. Denmark – $52,500 or Ksh.6,342,000
  10. Austria – $50,000 or Ksh.6,040,000
  11. Norway — $47,313.23 or Ksh.5,717,046
  12. Iceland — $47,283 or Ksh.5,712,352
  13. Mexico — $42,816.51 or Ksh.5,172,000
  14. Spain — $41,886.99 or Ksh.5,060,464
  15. Finland — $37,728.28 or Ksh.4,558,000
  16. New Zealand — $37,586 or Ksh.4,540,870
  17. Sweden — $36,766.81 or Ksh.4,442,000
  18. Costa Rica — $33,519.29 or Ksh.4,050,000
  19. Portugal — $32,563.75 or Ksh.4,049,649
  20. France — $31,421.49 or or Ksh.3,796,331

These are the average salaries of teachers in each country, which implies they might be higher or lower.

Top 20 Teachers' Highest Paying Countries In the World
Top 20 Teachers’ Highest Paying Countries In the World

There are aspects affecting one’s wage, such as years of experience, location, private schools or government-supported, education, additional qualifications, etc.

Generally, high/secondary school teachers make a larger wage than elementary school instructors.

Though we may claim that the standard of living in these nations is greater than in Kenya, even so, they are fairly large wages, and it makes me jealous.

Top 20 Teachers’ Highest Paying Countries Globally


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