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Student Nabbed With 16 Rolls of Bhang In School

Student Nabbed With 16 Rolls of Bhang In School.

A 19-year-old student in Ntimaru, Migori County, is in police custody after being caught with marijuana in school.

Following an impromptu inspection by the school administration, 16 rolls of bhang, a matchbox, one gas lighter, a bamboo roller sticker, and two Rizla rolling papers were recovered.

He was apprehended by police officers and is currently awaiting court action.

According to the National Police Service, the incident should serve as a warning to all students to avoid a path to crime through drug abuse and other vices.

Police seized illicit drugs and other substances from Vihiga Boys High School students shortly after they returned from their midterm break earlier this month.

The Nyanza Region K­9 team recovered five rolls of bhang, unidentified yellow tablets, pancake packets, peanut butter cans, and baked soya beans.

Cannabis is a natural substance that, when consumed by a living organism, can alter perception, mood, cognition, behavior, or motor function (WHO, 1993a). 

It is an abused drug because its use deviates from accepted medical or social patterns within a given culture. 

Addiction develops as a result of continued abuse. This is an emotional (psychic) and, at times, physical need that the drug user is experiencing. 

It is distinguished by behavioral and other responses that always include a compulsion to take the drug on a continuous or regular basis in order to experience its effects and avoid the discomfort associated with its absence.

A study conducted by the Ministry of Education revealed that fifty percent of all boys in secondary schools in Central Province begin abusing drugs before the age of four (Daily Nation, Monday, July 12, 1999).


According to UNDCP (1998a), the drugs that are causing concern in society can be classified as depressants, stimulants, or hallucinogens. 

According to research conducted in Kenya, cannabis (bhang) is one of the most commonly abused illicit drug among youths.

Student Nabbed With 16 Rolls of Bhang In School



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