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Family In Agony Over Missing Student

Family In Agony Over Missing Student

A family in Kisii South Sub County’s Nyamira area is in pain after their 15-year-old son went missing on July 12, 2022.

Douglas Nyagwoka, a student, went missing on the day he was supposed to return to school, according to his aunt, Irene Kemunto.

The orphaned and visually impaired boy is a form-two student at Ausa School for the Blind in Siaya County and was living with his grandmother when he went missing.

Kemunto recalled calling her mother (the boy’s grandmother) the night before Nyagwoka went missing and telling her to get him to school on time and return home safely.


She was surprised, however, when her mother informed her that the boy had gone missing and had not returned to school.

“I was shocked when she told me the boy was missing, and we have looked for him everywhere but he has not been found. We have waited for him to come back, but he has not shown up,” said Kemunto.

The family reported the incident to Gesonso Police Station, where it was registered in the OB, and they were told to continue looking for the student.

His aunt stated that Nyagwoka should resume his studies in order to be able to fend for himself in the future, as age is catching up with his grandparents, who have been caring for him since birth.

As the family continues to search for him, Kemunto has asked the general public to contact her at 0717675690 if they have seen the minor or have information about his whereabouts.

Family In Agony Over Missing Student



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