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2022 KILEA Exam Timetable And Instructions

Kenya Intermediate Level Education Assessment (KILEA) Timetable And Instructions

2022 KILEA Exam Timetable And Instructions


The Kenya Intermediate Level Education Assessment (KILEA) is to be administered to learners in the Intermediate Level that are ready to transit to the Pre-vocational Level. 

The assessment shall constitute four (4) assessment papers.

Each paper will be assessed through performance-based tasks using the following documents: 

  • Question paper;
  • Scoring guides for each assessment task;
  • Scoring guide for the core competency or core value assessed;
  • Individual Learner’s Score Sheet;
  • School Summary Assessment Score Sheet; 

Each learner shall be required to attempt all the performance assessment tasks.

Assessment shall be administered by teachers in the school handling learners in the Stage Based Pathway who shall be referred to as the assessors.

Adequate preparation of learners and all the materials required should be done prior to the assessment

Assessors should read and adhere to the instructions provided. 

Copies of the School summary assessment score sheet and other evidence of assessment should be kept at the school.

At the end of the assessment, schools shall be required to upload learners’ performance into the KNEC CBA portal and submit the hard copies of the school’s summary assessment score sheet for each paper. 


The Assessors should:

  • Familiarize with all the assessment tools prior to administration;
  • Use the most appropriate mode of communication when giving instructions to the learner during the assessment;
  • Guide and support the learner accordingly in the performance of the tasks;
  • Ensure that the assessment is done within the specified period;
  • Use locally available materials; 
  • Ensure the safety of each learner at all times during the assessment; 
  • Use the scoring guides provided for each task to assess the learner’s competencies; 
  • Use the guidelines provided to rate each learner’s performance;
  • Make general comments on the learner’s performance after completion of the task;
  • Fill in the school summary assessment score sheet in line with individual learner score sheet; 
  • Ensure that learner’s personal details including the assessment numbers are correctly captured at all times;
  • Discuss the performance with the learner and other stakeholders; 
  • Issue the learner with the Individual Learner’s score sheet. 


The administration and conduct of the Kenya Intermediate Level Education Assessment (KILEA) shall be governed by the regulations and guidelines provided. 

Schools should adhere to the guidelines and instructions. 

Any irregularity and malpractice shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions enshrined in the KNEC Act No. 29 of 2012

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2022 KILEA Exam Timetable And Instructions



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