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St Nicholas And Olympic Students Win Science Contest

St Nicholas and Olympic students win science contest

The Sahara STEAMers Programme, facilitated by the Sahara Foundation, has awarded three Kenyan student groups from two schools.

The Sahara STEAMers Program encourages young African students to investigate ways to address global issues through an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM).

The winners were announced at the Catch Them Young and Curious program’s inaugural national demo day.

Olympic High School and St Nicholas School each had five groups competing.

Agriculture, energy, home automation, transportation, and security were among the industries targeted by the students’ inventions.

The top three competition winners will represent Kenya in the regional demo day event against the winners from Nigeria and Uganda.

The program is intended to provide 150 participants from three countries, Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda, with access to deep-dive learning experiences, practical classrooms, and world-class labs, guiding them on the path to becoming technical problem solvers.

The automated home cleaner, designed to assist people with housework, is one of the projects presented by St Nicholas Senior School.

Mops seamlessly

The device has a vacuum that acts as an automatic floor cleaner and mops seamlessly.

It also has a music button and a button that turns on the light-emitting diode (LED) that is connected to it when it is in use.

“This will be the best cleaning ‘little guy’ ever created. The cleaning bot has an option of three names just to make it seem like it is part of the family. The names are Chiku or Boti. The innovation, which is aimed at solving global warming challenges using wind power, will also reduce pollution and radiation,” explained students from St Nicholas high school.

Another group developed an automated irrigation system that detects the amount of water in the soil and sends a buzzing alarm to the farmer, alerting him to turn the water on or off.

The Kenya edition was hosted by Asharami Synergy Kenya, a Sahara Group company, at iHub in Nairobi.


According to Asharami Synergy Country Manager Debola Adesanya, the students’ projects were exceptional.

“You have outstanding projects, and we look forward to seeing more inventions from you and ultimately exploring how Sahara Foundation will continue to support these innovative solutions to become drivers of sustainable development in Kenya,” he said.

St Nicholas And Olympic Students Win Science Contest



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