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World Bank Launch Schools Infrastructural Projects

Schools To Benefit From World Bank Multimillion-Shilling Infrastructural Projects

World Bank Launch Schools Infrastructural Projects

The government and the World Bank have launched a multimillion-shilling program to provide improved classrooms, laboratories, water supply, and sanitation facilities to schools.

It is an effort that will see new normal and special classrooms, good laboratories, reliable water sources, and improved sanitation facilities such as toilets installed in selected public secondary and primary schools.

Migori County Commissioner Michael Mwangi Meru launched the program yesterday at Tarang’anya Boys High School in Kuria West Sub-County, saying that various schools in some sub-counties had been identified to benefit from the infrastructure facilities over the next six months.

“The new classrooms, laboratories, a water source, and a raft of sanitation projects would be provided within the next six months to benefit public schools in some counties,” Mr. Meru told stakeholders after breaking ground in Tarang’anya School.

During the first phase of the programme, new infrastructure projects were distributed only in Kuria West, Kuria East, and Uriri Sub-Counties, according to the implementation schedule read out by the county commissioner.

World Bank Launch Schools  Infrastructural Projects
World Bank Launch Schools Infrastructural Projects

Schools in Kuria West will benefit from 17 laboratories, 16 classrooms, 47 sanitation projects (latrines), and 2 special case classrooms, as planned.

Ten laboratories, eight classrooms, one specials classroom, 26 sanitation facilities, and a water source will be built in Kuria East Sub-County.

According to Mr. Meru, 9 laboratories, 12 classrooms, and 25 sanitation facilities will benefit schools in Uriri Sub-County, who was accompanied by the County Director of Education, Mr. Jacob Onyiego, and a number of consultors and contractors assigned to implement the program in the region.

The administrator stated that the government was eager to improve the country’s educational institutions and urged parents to support this effort.

The program comes at a time when the government is also investing billions of shillings in the construction of new classrooms in phase one of the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) learning, as the country transitions to a new educational system.

Students entering junior classes next year will be given new classrooms in order to ensure smooth learning in their various schools.


Meru stated that the multiagency team formed to oversee the construction of the new facilities will not rest until the contractors do an excellent job and deliver the facilities on time.

“The team will not entertain shoddy work from contractors and would insist on perfect results in order to allow the country to get value for the money spent,” he explained.

World Bank Launch Schools Infrastructural Projects



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