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USIU Flags Letter Denouncing Malala’s Degree As Fake

USIU Flags Letter Denouncing Malala’s Degree As Fake

An image of a press statement depicting USIU-response Africa’s to the validity of Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala’s degree is a forgery.

According to the forged statement, Senator Malala never graduated from the United States International University and thus does not possess any academic credentials from the institution.

While dismissing the statement as false, the USIU advised Kenyans to rely on communication posted on their verified social media handles.

“Please note that all official communication from USIU-Africa is shared through USIU-Africa’s official social media platforms. You are advised to ignore any untrue malicious rumors circulating online regarding the validity of our degree certificates,” the tweet read.

If an official request is made, the private university will provide the necessary details on the senator’s academic qualifications.

USIU Flags Letter Denouncing Malala's Degree As Fake

When requests for validation are made through official university channels, the respective vetting and regulatory authorities have access to this information and promptly receive the necessary validation details.

The phony statement surfaced after a video of the lawmaker releasing his academic records went viral.

Senator Malala was asked in a recent interview to explain why his certificate said 2019 but he claims to have graduated between 2010 and 2011.

During an interview with a local TV station, the outspoken senator struggled to recall the exact date and year of his graduation, dismissing journalist questions about the conflicting dates.


Malala, who is running for governor of Kakamega on an ANC ticket in the August 9 elections, has been accused of forging his academic certificates.

To be eligible for the position of county governor in Kenya, one must, among other things, hold a degree from a Kenyan university.

USIU Flags Letter Denouncing Malala’s Degree As Fake



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