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Nakuru Invests In ECD Teacher Training

Nakuru Invests In ECD Teacher Training

The Nakuru County government is investing more resources in training Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teachers on Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) with the goal of increasing their capacity to interpret and implement the new curriculum effectively.

Before the curriculum is implemented, more than 300 ECDE teachers will be trained on how to use the Pre-primary 1 and 2 handbooks, according to County Executive Committee Member for Education, ICT, and E-government Joseph Kiuna.

He stated that the County was emphasizing CBC training for ECDE teachers because the capacity of the teachers determined the provision of quality education.

Kiuna expressed the county’s commitment to ensuring that all ECDE teachers throughout the county receive training, adding that the retooling and reorientation of CBC teachers should not be left solely to TSC because the process was critical.

He claims that the training will help teachers understand curriculum design, which will aid in lesson planning and preparation. 

After the training, the CEC stated that 2000 CBC handbooks for PP1 and PP2 were ready for distribution to all public ECDE centers.

According to Kiuna, ECDE teachers were expected to shift from the traditional mode of teaching in which the teacher stood in front of the class and lectured to the teacher joining learner groups and holding discussions after the training.

The CEC stated that the training will be continuous and sustained to ensure that it becomes a way of life for ECDE teachers and that teachers are central to curriculum development and implementation efforts due to their knowledge, experience, and competencies.

The training of ECDE teachers has been ongoing in all 11 sub-counties, with the most recent group consisting of 48 teachers from Mosop ward in Rongai sub-county. 

The training began last week in Gilgil and will continue next week in Nakuru West sub-county.

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) regulations state that all teachers must follow the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) in order to impact learners’ knowledge and skills. 


The administration has been training ECDE teachers on CBC in order to ensure that the curriculum is fully implemented in accordance with the KICD requirements.

The Constitution requires that basic education (including ECDE) be free and compulsory, and the Education Act of 2013 requires respective county governments to implement every child’s right to free and compulsory pre-school education.

Nakuru Invests In ECD Teacher Training



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