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Why Trainee Teachers Will Wait Longer for KUCCPS placement to TTCs

Why Trainee Teachers Will Wait Longer for KUCCPS placement to TTCs

Trainee teachers will have to wait longer for government funding because they have not yet been included in the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS).

According to the Standard, KUCCPS is still putting plans in place, including meeting with the leadership of Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs), which would result in the first student placement.

Trainee teachers are the only college students who are not eligible for Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) funding, which is currently available to students pursuing degrees, diplomas, certificates, and vocational training.

This is despite the fact that Early Learning and Basic Education Principal Secretary Julius Jwan announced last week that applicants for pre-service teacher training will be recruited through KUCCPS.

Dr Jwan stated that the transition to KUCCPS is progressive and will allow successful students to benefit from HELB, just like the rest of the agency’s learners placed in universities and middle-level colleges.

Over the years, the Ministry of Education has been in charge of recruiting and placing prospective students in TTCs. This means that the students have not received HELB funding because they are not government-sponsored students.

According to Section 56 of the Universities Act, KUCCPS is responsible for “coordinating the placement of government-sponsored students to universities and colleges.”

This means that all students who are enrolled in colleges through KUCCPS are eligible for State funding.  Jwan stated that this has now been extended to students pursuing teacher training in TTCs.

The new policy means that when applying for post-secondary education training programs, Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) candidates can now choose to be selected for Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (DPTE) or Diploma in Early Childhood Development Teacher Education (DECTE)

However, it is unclear how soon students will be placed in TTCs by KUCCPS, as the agency’s new schedule did not include them.

KUCCPS has only released a roadmap for students’ continuous placement to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVETS).

According to the TVETS placement processing schedule for the 2021/2022 cycle, the entire process will conclude on December 14.

KUCCPS Chief Executive Mercy Wahome, on the other hand, stated that the first call for applications will be held in two weeks.

The student portal will be open from November 15 to 28 to receive applications for placement to TVET institutions for government sponsorship according to the plan.

TVET continuous placement will be processed between November 29 and December 3, with validation and approval taking place between December 6 and 10.

According to the schedule, the continuous placement report will be released on December 14.

The report, on the other hand, explains that updating programs and capacities by TVET colleges began on October 4 and will conclude this Friday.

During this time, public TVET colleges must log in to the KUCCPS portal and review the courses they want to offer for candidates to apply for, as well as the number of students required in each of the programs.

Colleges are also free to make changes to the courses and capacity they wish to offer.

In addition, from October 18 to 29, KUCCPS will validate the programs and capacities declared by the regulator, the Technical Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA).

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At this point, the KUCCPS will check with the TVETA to ensure that only accredited TVET courses and institutions are available for applicants to choose from in the KUCCPS.

Dr. Wahome stated that the validated programs and declared capacities would be uploaded between November 1 and 5.

And, before the first communication on applications is sent to students, the KUCCPS internal auditor will conduct program and capacity verification between November 8 and 10.

A total of 173 public TVET institutions are being targeted. In the previous cycle, there were 362 TVET programs available.

Why Trainee Teachers Will Wait Longer for KUCCPS placement to TTCs


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