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Why KCPE Examiners Take Shorter Time Marking Exam

Why KCPE Examiners Take Shorter Time Marking Exam.

Standard Eight applicants often receive their KCPE results within a month after completing their exams.

This is due to the fact that examiners are assisted by machines throughout the marking process of the KCPE.

David Njengere, chief executive officer of Knec, stated that a technical approach is used to grade KCPE papers.

“For KCPE we used personalized Optical Marked Readers to facilitate machine reading so that when you’re running them you know this belongs to a student,” Njengere said.

OMR functions to identify the student’s index number and name on the answer sheet.

Njengere spoke at Eastleigh’s Maina Wanjigi Secondary School, where he supervised the distribution of day two exams.

Each student has an answer sheet with their name and index number previously printed.

This means that all written subjects are marked using OMR instead of by hand.

Creative writing subjects are exempt from OMR marking.

Teachers take part in marking Insha and Composition using pen and paper.

Two days earlier, the examiners reported to their various marking centers.

Both KPSEA and KCPE Math examination papers have a distinct working area.

The responses would be circled on a separate answer sheet that already bears the learner’s index number/assessment number and name.

CS Education According to Ezekiel Machogu, the ministry has already begun processing the results.

On December 12, Machogu spoke in Nyaribari Masaba, Kisii County.

“Next week we are announcing KCPE examination results and you will not hear any cases of cheating under the leadership of Machogu. The grading of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) is progressing well and I can assure you, the results will not be riddled with any irregularities,” Machogu said.

He stressed that the government has taken the necessary measures to combat cheating.

There were a total of 1,287,597 KPSEA candidates and 1,244,188 KCPE candidates registered throughout 493 examination storage and distribution facilities.

Why KCPE Examiners Take Shorter Time Marking Exam


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