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We Shall Not Accept To Pay Junior Secondary School Fees, Parents Declare

We Shall Not Accept To Pay Junior Secondary School Fees, Parents Declare

Parents of students enrolled in Junior Secondary School (JSS) say they are unwilling to pay additional tuition, despite having asked for an increase in capitation.

As the Ministry of Education enhances the learning institutions where JSS will be housed, parents have been reminded to prepare to pay school fees for the 1,2 million children transitioning to Grade 7.

The topic of school fees was reviewed last week at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) in Nairobi during a JSS stakeholders conference.

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu and his Principal Secretary, Dr. Belio Kipsang, were in attendance.

Silas Obuhatsa, the president of the National Parents Association, stated that parents should not pay school fees because the Kenya Kwanza administration promised Kenyans free education.

According to him, the JSS rollout occurs when Kenyans struggle with a high cost of living and a deteriorating economy.

“The issue of fees should not apply anywhere because JSS is being domiciled within primary school premises. Children going to Grade 7 is like transiting from Class 6 to Class 7 in the 8-4-4 system,” Mr. Obuhatsa said.

He observed that 8-4-4 primary school students do not pay school fees.

“The government promised education will be free from pre-primary school to university. As parents, we insist that the government be very careful with the issue of paying school fees for JSS learners. We shall not accept to pay school fees for JSS,” he added.

The association requested the state to enhance capitation for both primary and secondary schools.

He said primary school capitation should be increased from Sh1,450 to Sh1,750, and the secondary school capitation should be enhanced from Sh22,500 to Sh25,500.”

“But at the JSS, we have not agreed with the government that there will be any fee payment because it is primary school premises,” he said.

The association stated that they could only negotiate fees with the government for senior secondary schools.

“But at JSS, the government must be aware that we are moving as it has been in the primary school level,” he insisted.

Fuad Ali, the vice-chairman of the Kenya Primary Schools Head Teachers, stated that there are currently no fee guidelines.

“There are no guidelines regarding fees at the moment; what is important is ensuring 100 percent transition. As head teachers, we will be receiving the learners. Next week, the guidelines will be dispatched. But currently, the government is assessing schools in readiness for JSS,” said Mr. Ali.

We Shall Not Accept To Pay Junior Secondary School Fees, Parents Declare


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