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Vice-Chancellors Want University Curriculum Changed

Vice-Chancellors Want University Curriculum Changed

Vice-chancellors have called for a review of the higher education system to involve parents more in student management.

Prof Geoffrey Muluvi, vice chancellor of South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU), stated on October 6 that students were struggling to adjust to excessive freedom in universities.

Muluvi argued that the students needed parental guidance to ensure their four-year stay in school was successful.

He added that involving parents in their children’s progress was in line with the review of the education system being conducted by the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) taskforce.

“Universities assume these youngsters are adults who can manage themselves while in fact many are struggling to make the necessary social adjustments,” he stated.

Furthermore, the VCs advocated for a change in the curriculum offered to students pursuing diplomas and degrees in education in order to prepare them to teach CBC in junior secondary schools.

Muluvi believes that universities are channeling out teachers who are struggling with CBC.

“Our graduates who are getting out of campus should be CBC compliant so that when they go to teach in the secondary schools, they are not lost,” he stated.

Other proposed changes include increased funding from stakeholders, which could result in higher fees for parents and students.

“We need to see how we can finance university education so that the stakeholders can contribute more so that we provide quality education,” he stated.

The VCs’ proposals came just days after President William Ruto appointed a 42-member committee to review the education system, primarily CBC.

Raphale Munavu, a professor at the University of Nairobi (UoN), was appointed to lead the task force.

Vice-Chancellors Want University Curriculum Changed


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