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Varsities Call For Redeployment Of Unqualified Lecturers

Varsities Call For Redeployment Of Unqualified Lecturers

Public universities want lecturers who have not updated their academic credentials to teach degree programs to be dismissed.

Academic leaders who spoke at a conference in Mombasa last week said that some of their employees have purposefully refused to advance their studies in order to meet the required qualifications for lecturers.

They have requested that the Ministry of Education redeploy these employees to other stations.

“Universities have staff who are unable to teach degree programs because they have refused to upgrade their academic qualifications.

“Such staff should be redeployed by the Ministry of Education,” the university managers said in a report.

At the same time, the VCs urged the government to include them in projects aimed at increasing university revenue.

They were speaking at a conference attended by chairpersons of university councils, vice-chancellors, and principals of constituent colleges, where they released a detailed report outlining the changes they would like to see in their profession.

The VCs urged the government not to interfere with university operations in the report.

“Members of Parliament should write laws that can facilitate rapid deployment of university professionals by the government the same way countries such as South Korea are doing. These countries are developing at a faster rate because of such laws,” stated the report.

“We want the government to recognize universities as major agents of the national transformation agenda. This has been demonstrated in other jurisdictions by other universities such as Oxford University in the United Kingdom, KAIST in Korea and the University of Toronto in Canada,” it read further.

The chairperson of the Inter Public Universities Council Consultative Forum (IPUCCF), Prof Geoffrey Muluvi, who is also the VC of South Eastern Kenya University, was among those who attended the conference, which was officially opened by University Education Principal Secretary Simon Nabukwesi.

At the same time, academic leaders stated that deans of faculties should be appointed rather than elected by lecturers, as is currently the case.

Meanwhile, the dons have asked the government to invest in mega-research and repeal laws that restrict research funding “because universities thrive on research.”

Varsities Call For Redeployment Of Unqualified Lecturers


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