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TSC Recruitment: Interview Questions And Answers

TSC Recruitment: Interview Questions And Answers

Have you submitted your application for a TSC job and are you waiting for an interview invitation? .. Or have you been invited to a TSC interview and are curious about the panellists’ questions?

Don’t be concerned. The following guide has been created to assist you in preparing for the interview and possibly coming out on top. It includes some of the most commonly asked questions in a TSC interview panel.

In addition to the questions in the guide, there are general knowledge and subject-based questions. Even if you know the answers to the questions, confidence and the ability to communicate effectively are crucial.

You may expect the following common questions.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

  • Tell the panel your names, nationality, and any personality traits that will help you cope in school if you are successful. Some common characteristics include: 
  • I am an extreme extrovert who enjoys teamwork; I am goal-oriented and unusually passionate about the teaching profession. Keep it as brief as possible.

Tell us about your career and professional journey in a few sentences.

  • Just give a brief overview of your educational journey from elementary to college. If possible, describe your accomplishments at each stage. Then go over the schools where you’ve taught since graduation and your accomplishments there.

What is your TSC number?

  • Don’t use digits like 80-78-30. Instead, say, “I am teacher number 587, thousand, four hundred and twenty.”

What is TPD?

TPD stands for Teacher Professional Development.  It is a mandatory teacher training programme introduced by the ministry of education in conjunction with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

Aim of TPD

The aim of TPD is To develop and implement a Performance Management Framework for teachers at the school level.

Training needs and professional development gaps for teachers shall be identified from TPAD, through the individual teachers and their supervisors

Who is the Education Cabinet Secretary?

  • George Magoha, Ph.D.
  • Make sure you know who the principal secretaries are in the ministry of education, who the assistant cabinet secretaries are in the ministry of education, and so on when you go to the interview panel.

What is the overall role of the Minister for Education? 

  • Formulation of policy direction and management of professional functions relating to education.
  • Developing and implementing projects and programs.
  • Developing curriculum.
  • Initiating training programs.
  • Running examinations.
  • Giving grant-in-aid to schools.
  • Dealing with an audit report
  • Admitting and transferring students.
  • Dealing with the discipline of students.


What are the national goals of education?

  • To foster nationalism, patriotism and promote national unity.
  • To promote social, economic, technological, and industrial needs for national development.
  • To provide individual development and self-fulfillment.
  • To promote social equality and responsibility.
  • To promote sound moral and religious values
  • To promote international consciousness and a positive attitude towards other nations.
  • To promote a positive attitude towards good health and the environment.

What are the teachers’ service commission’s responsibilities?

  • TSC is an independent commission established under Article 237 of Kenya’s 2010 constitution and tasked with the following functions:
  • Teachers who have been trained must be vetted and registered.
  • Recruiting and hiring certified teachers
  • Deploying employed teachers to any school or learning institution in the Republic of Kenya.
  • Teachers are being promoted and transferred.
TSC Recruitment: Interview Questions And Answers
TSC’s chief executive officer Nancy Macharia, Ph.D.
  • Teachers who violate the TSC code of conduct for teachers face disciplinary action.
  • Teachers’ employment is being terminated.
  • Examining the country’s educational standards.
  • Organizing TSC interviews
  • Advising the national government on teacher-related issues

What is the structure of the T.S.C?

  • Chairperson,  Deputy, Secretary, Directorate

Who is the TSC’s chief executive officer?

  • Nancy Macharia, Ph.D.

What are the TSC core values?

  • Professionalism
  • Customer focus
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Team spirit

What empowers T.S.C to carry out its functions?

  • The TSC Act (Cap212) of 1967
  • The Constitution of Kenya Article 237(2) of 2010

What does KICD stand for?

  • Kenya Curriculum Development Institute

KICD is in charge of the following responsibilities:

  • Providing curriculum development advice to the government
  • Evaluating, vetting, and approving both domestic and international curricula
  • Implementing curriculum development policies at both the primary and secondary levels of education
  • Curriculum support materials are created and reviewed.
  • Researching to inform curriculum policies, as well as reviewing and developing them
  • Curriculum support materials are disseminated through mass media, e-learning, and distance learning.

What does SRC stand for?

  • Salaries And Remuneration Commission

Who is the SRC’s chairperson?

  • Lyn Mengich

What are the responsibilities of SRC?

  • The SRC is an independent commission established under Article 230 of Kenya’s 2010 constitution. It is required to:
  • Set and review all state officers’ salaries and allowances.
  • Advise national and county governments on matters pertaining to state officers’ and civil servants’ salaries and allowances.
  • To determine the salaries of state officers and civil servants, conduct a comparative survey of current labor markets and remuneration trends.
  • Make independent recommendations on salary and remuneration issues.
  • Make recommendations on the pensions to be paid to public servants.
  • Establish salary and remuneration cycles to guide parliament in allocating adequate funds for easier implementation.

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What does KLB stand for in its entirety?

  • Kenya Literature Bureau (KLB)
  • What is the function of KLB?
  • To create and distribute learning materials to educational institutions.
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TSC Recruitment: Interview Questions And Answers

TSC Recruitment: Interview Questions And Answers



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