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TSC Announces 154 vacant posts for teachers; How To Apply.

TSC Announces 154 vacant posts for teachers; How To Apply.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has announced a nationwide Mass Recruitment for tutors to fill positions in teacher education institutions across the country.

The commission advertised 154 tutoring positions in teacher training colleges and the Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education in Africa in a memo dated January 6. (Cemastea).

130 of the tutors are slated to attend TTCs, while the rest will work as national trainers at the Cemastea.

According to the memo, interested applicants should apply through the TSC online portal by Tuesday, January 25, 2022.

The positions are intended for qualified secondary school teachers with a minimum grade of C4, T-scale 9, and senior master IV.
They must also have a degree in education (science) or a course equivalent from a recognized university.

TSC is also planning to hire more teachers in secondary schools, which will be impacted by the 154 tutors hired for tertiary institutions.

TSC Announces 154 vacant posts for teachers
TSC CEO Nancy Macharia

How to apply:

Candidates who are interested should create an account on the TSC Online portal,

To create an account, teachers must update their academic credentials, which must include Primary and Secondary School certificates as well as Tertiary level certificates.

The tutors must also have a valid TSC number and be Kenyan citizens. 

“The Commission advertises for vacant posts for teachers. This online system allows you to apply for any post you qualify and gives you the opportunity to track every stage of processing up to appointment.

“If you apply online, you don’t need to submit a hard copy version to the Commission. No payments is required of any kind. As a teacher, You are not expected to register again with the Commission,” reads a statement on the site.

TSC Announces 154 vacant posts for teachers

TSC Announces 154 vacant posts for teachers; How To Apply.



  1. What about us who have a diploma and degree in early childhood education , aren’t we also qualified to teach diplomas in ECDE colleges since we have the technical know how of it .

  2. I thought a teacher who has started from certificate ,did a dpipoma and then degree is more knowledgeable when it comes to teaching and applying the basics skills .

  3. Not really…for you to get to degree there is what they call credit transfer…you’re actually on the same level with same knowledge & skills…not unless you proceed to master’s degree then you’ll be a level higher.

  4. I have degree in education, mathematics and geography. Had kcse c+. I’m an headteacher in scale 10.
    I was late to apply, kindly assist if it’s possible for me to apply


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