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PSC Advertises 3000 Internship Positions; How to Apply

PSC Advertises 3000 Internship Positions; How to Apply

Over 3,000 internship opportunities for graduates have been announced by the Public Service Commission.

The PSC stated in a notice issued on Tuesday, July 19, that the internship was open to all government agencies, including ministries.

The PSC also stated that successful applicants will be paid a monthly stipend as determined by the Commission.

The Public Service Internship Programme (PSIP) is a government initiative that provides graduates with opportunities to acquire and develop valuable technical and professional skills, as well as work experience in the Public Service.

Duties include completing mutually agreed-upon and assigned supervisors’ duties, documenting relevant skills acquired in their areas of deployment, and actively participating in any relevant mentorship activities and additional responsibilities designed for the program.

According to the Commission, the program will last one year (12 months).

How to Apply

Interested candidates were advised to apply through the PSC job application portal.

Furthermore, the Commission stated that it would consider all applications based on qualifications, assuring a fair selection process.

“Interested and qualified graduates are requested to make their applications through the Commission’s job portal accessible through www(dot)publicservice(dot)go(dot)ke or www(dot)psckjobs(dot)go(dot)ke,” read the notice part.

However, in order to be considered for the position, interested candidates must meet certain criteria.


“For appointment to an internship position, a candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized university, have graduated not earlier than the year 2017; and be proficient in computer skills,’ read the notice in part.

Applicants have been advised to submit their applications by the deadline of August 9.

PSC Advertises 3000 Internship Positions; How to Apply



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