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Only Top 5 Candidates Shortlisted For TSC Job Interviews

Only Top 5 Candidates Shortlisted For TSC Job Interviews

Only the top five candidates for each of the advertised positions will be shortlisted, a departure from the past, when long merit lists were developed even though only a few stood a chance of getting the job.

Some of the modifications have been criticized.

Some teachers, for example, were dissatisfied with the commission’s decision to reduce internship marks, particularly for intern teachers.

According to the new score sheet, an intern teacher who has worked for a maximum of three years will receive 15 points instead of the usual 30 points.

In contrast to newly hired interns, who only receive 5 points for their internship contract, those in their second year will receive 10 points.

TSC has stated in the same marking scheme that it will no longer conduct interviews to replace teachers who have left the teaching profession in the future, as has been customary. 

Instead, it will replace the teachers using data from the previous mass recruitment.

This makes it critical for any unemployed teachers to attend upcoming interviews, even if they are not hired.

That way, if an opportunity arises, they will still have a chance to be hired.

Another point of contention revealed by the score sheet is the number of candidates who will be invited for interviews during the hiring process.

The score sheet now allows school administrators to limit invitations to the top five applicants on the merit list for the 2022 mass recruiting.

This will avoid the unnecessary crowding that is common during recruitment exercises.


If none of the top five applicants meet the requirements, the panel will invite the next five best candidates for interviews, which will be rescheduled.

Any candidate who is dissatisfied with the selection process should file a written complaint with the TSC County Director as soon as possible, with a copy sent to TSC Headquarters no later than seven (7) days after the selection process.

Following the completion of the selection process, the TSC County Director is required to review and respond to all complaints received within seven (7) days, and then submit a report to the Headquarters outlining the steps taken.

Only Top 5 Candidates Shortlisted For TSC Job Interviews



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