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High School Teachers Jobs -2020. Secondary School Teaching Vacancies.

1. Secondary School Teacher Tech Integrator

Reports To: School Principal in collaboration with the Director of Teaching and Learning and Director of Technology

Job Description

The absolute definition of technology twirls around the use of electronic tools such as computers, tablets and telephones. At ISK, the interpretation of technology is expanded to include various devices that are employed to make a project or business.

With this modern definition in thought, ISK has managed to consolidate both digital and non-digital accessories within the curriculum and to incorporate Makerspaces and Design Labs.

The principal aim is to grant chances for all students within the society, through the application of the design process to emphasise and design with both digital form and product design machines.

The High School Tech Integrator will aid instructional technology methods of scholars that will empower them to continue their analyses as well as convey concepts and ideas.

The following are 6 key competencies that cover the position of the Tech Integrator. The High School Tech Integrator will also assist and provide some direction to a variety of K-12 technology initiatives.

This job will occur in coordination with the director of technology and the internal technology partners. Additionally, this post will give guidance and information in the field of STEM curriculum design, development and implementation, including strengthening cross-departmental cooperation.


  • Manage the advancement of a shared vision for technology alliance in collaboration with the Technology Committee and the Director of Technology.
  • Engage in the lengthy-term outlining of technology integration.
  •  Examine data and present outcomes as a framework for goal-setting and prospective program recommendations.

  • Work with partners and management to realise approaches for inducting and supporting technology discoveries and manage the development process during the academy.
  • Form permanent knowledge and professional maturity as a leader and specialist in the field of technology.
  • Effect ISK forward as the best scholarly institution in technology integration.
  • Scheme plans, difficulties and possibilities to improve recognised 21st-century education and skills.
  • Promote and manage a Technology Scope and Course for the high school that drafts a fair and scaffolded range of experiences and competencies (see ISK ICT rules).

  • Assistance experiential, multicultural and personalized training through the application of technology.
  • Document and record technology synthesis into joint plans.
  • To study, design, guide and maintain (tools and resources) in a technology-rich training environment.
  •  Improve equality in learning settings and empower learners through technology integration.


  • Academic certification from an ascribed university/college
  • Minimum of two years of relevant teaching expertise in technology and instructional coaching
  • Cultural skill and comprehension of intercultural education with teaching exposure in a multicultural environment
  • Specialist in instructional technology, including Google Suite, and practice integrating technology
  • Proficiency in executing the idea cycle within maker space and design lab training
  •  Eloquent English speaker with outstanding writing and communication skills
  • Firm knowledge of teaching and instructional methods, curriculum design and evaluation
  •  Qualified or experience coaching high school STEM curricula

  • Expertise with Online/Virtual/Distance education and learning
  • Dedication to multicultural, experiential, and personalized programs to instruction
  • Teaching experience in a multicultural context
  • Minimum two years of teaching practice in a specific IB topic area: IB DP Design Technology
  • Familiarity with the Knowledge by Design curriculum standard
  • Experience with inquiry-based and project-based knowledge
  • Proficiency in data breakdown and goal setting to enhance learning

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