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Fewer Teachers Apply For TSC Teaching Jobs In Asal Areas

Fewer Teachers Apply For TSC Teaching Jobs In Asal Areas

Some areas, such as the Asal [arid and semi-arid lands], received fewer applicants in the lately advertised TSC teaching jobs.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) used affirmative action to advertise for positions in Mandera, Garissa, and Wajir counties, which are severely understaffed.

Teachers from other regions have resisted deployment in the region in recent years due to insecurity, where non-locals are frequently targeted.

Mandera will have to wait longer for the TSC to fill teacher vacancies.

TSC plans to place 1,230 teachers in the region on a permanent, pensionable, or contractual basis. There are 21,194 applicants who have expressed interest in the positions.

“To qualify for recruitment, a candidate must be teaching under board of management in Garissa, Mandera or Wajir counties, if not hailing from the three counties,” said Dr Nancy Macharia, the TSC chief executive, when declaring the vacancies. This is to encourage teachers from the region to apply for the jobs.

The shortage of teachers in these areas is attributed to insecurity and harsh weather, which discourage non-native qualified individuals from accepting job offers.

ASAL areas also have a very low number of people who meet the requirements for teacher training.

According to the 2021 ministry of education statistics, there were 116, 96, and 118 TSC-employed schools in Mandera, Wajir, and Garissa, respectively.

Mandera shortage stood at 1,849 in primary and secondary 517.

In neighboring Wajir, there were 1,414 primary school shortages and 51 secondary school shortages, while in Garissa, had 913 primary school shortages and 651 secondary school shortages.

The current teacher shortage began in 2014, when Al-Shabaab killed 28 non-local teachers aboard a Mandera bus bound for Nairobi, prompting the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to order mass transfers of non-local teachers.

TSC carried out a similar transfer in 2015, following the Garissa university attack, which killed 148 people, the majority of whom were students.

Early 2020, two attacks on Saretho boarding primary and Kamauthe primary schools, which killed four teachers, exacerbated an already dire situation, as non-local teachers in Fafi sub-county were transferred.

To resolve this, the Teachers Service Commission will need to review its recruitment requirements and implement policies that address the issue of teacher shortages in ASAL areas.


According to a senior education official who requested anonymity, the TSC should empower school management boards to hire teachers on contract, but the commission should send the money budgeted for recruitment to the schools to help pay the contracted teachers.

“Most of the parents in schools faced with serious shortage are from poor background. Burdening them with extra cost of paying the contracted BOM teachers is unfair,” the official said.

“The funds TSC should have paid the teachers to fill in the teacher shortage should be sent to affected schools as grants to allow the boards to recruit teachers,” he added.

Fewer Teachers Apply For TSC Teaching Jobs In Asal Areas



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