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UoN Deletes Sakaja’s Name From Alumni Website

UoN Deletes Sakaja’s Name From Alumni Website.

Senator Johnson Sakaja’s degree saga has taken a new turn after the University of Nairobi edited its website three times before finally removing his name from the hallowed “notable alumni” list on Tuesday, June 14.

The university was called to account after it was discovered that Sakaja was an alumnus of the university’s Faculty of Science and Technology.

The details were edited out, leaving only the senator’s tenure at the university from 2013 to 2016.

When screenshots of the website went viral on social media, Sakaja’s information was edited, and the university left out the years he studied.

The website was later changed to read, “Sakaja Johnson (born 2 February 1985) is the current Senator of Nairobi County.” He joined (the) University of Nairobi.”

Sakaja’s name was removed from the website half an hour later.

UoN has not issued a statement explaining why the information on the website was edited several times throughout the day.

The fact that Sakaja was listed as an alumnus by the university raised the question of why he did not present the institution’s degree certificate.

When the university revealed that the politician did not graduate from the prestigious university, the senator’s degree woes became public.

According to UoN Communication Director John Orindi, Sakaja was admitted to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science in 2003 but did not graduate after completing his four-year degree.

He referred to a previous university statement in which it was stated that the Senator did not graduate in 2007 because his transcripts were incomplete, contrary to his initial claims in previous interviews.


It is true that Sakaja was admitted to the university and was pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science, studying from the first to the fourth year but according to the university, he has yet to graduate.

The university previously issued a statement stating unequivocally that the student in question did not complete his studies.

UoN Deletes Sakaja’s Name From Alumni Website


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