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Unregistered Schools With Non-TSC Registered Teachers Face Closure As KICD says teachers not adhering to curriculum should be flagged out.

Education stakeholders have been warned against opening and operating unregistered schools. Basic education principal secretary Julius Juan says anyone found operating illegal learning institutions will face the full force of the law.

Speaking in Transmara East sub-county Juan said schools operating without consent from the ministry of education risk closure. Juan also warned that it is illegal for schools to operate with teachers who are not registered with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).


" It is illegal! And I want that to put in capital. To have anybody who is not registered with TSC to purport to be teaching in a school." Said Julius Juan.

 Although the government is encouraging the opening of more secondary schools to accommodate learners, the PS said, these need to ensure the schools are legally operational.

"You must be in a registered school so that the returns are sent to Nairobi and then we release the money to come to the school. It is part of that money that will be used to buy the facilities in the school, to pay the BOM staff, and support the operations of the school." He said.

Elsewhere the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) has refuted claims that the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) is expensive and is subjecting parents to stressful demands. KICD blamed some schools and teachers for not adhering to the curriculum expectations.

"CBC doesn't advocate for such unrealistic requirements.CBC is not about subjecting parents to late-night or stressful demands.The suggested learning resources are diverse and teachers are well guided in the curriculum designs to make rational decisions."

KICD maintained that a teacher as a facilitator is expected to pick from a range of suggested learning resources what works well for his/her class depending on where the school is located. It said that teachers not adhering to curriculum expectations should be flagged out.

"And we have explained that the few teachers who are not adhering to the curriculum expectations should be flagged out without pulling all the teachers to the mud. But we have liaised with the Teachers Service Commission to ensure they are well guided. We shall continue inducting them to achieve the best." Read a tweet from their Twitter account.




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