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Zetech University Charter Award To Strengthen Academic Excellence in teaching and research

Zetech University Charter Award To Strengthen Academic Excellence in teaching and research

Zetech University has been granted a charter after meeting all regulatory requirements and undergoing a rigorous assessment by the Commission for University Education.

While awarding the charter at Kakamega State Lodge, President Uhuru Kenyatta praised the university for being at the forefront of providing holistic higher education.

“You have earned this charter having satisfied stringent requirements over several years. We now entrust our children to you and this is a heavy responsibility that we hope you will discharge in the best way possible,” Uhuru said.

“I urge you to continue engaging the industry players, both public and private, to incorporate the industry needs, knowledge, and innovation in your pursuit of knowledge creation.” 

Prof Susan Alfano, the chancellor, stated that the university will now focus on sustaining and strengthening academic excellence in teaching and research, while also continuing to deliver market-driven programs, cutting-edge research, and innovations to benefit society.

“There is an insatiable demand for industrious and virtuous young professionals with the right work ethic and necessary ethos for current global challenges,” Alfano said.

“We appreciate the government for recognising that private institutions play a vital role in promoting public welfare.” 

Prof Njenga Munene, vice chancellor, expressed confidence that the university will continue to provide quality education while providing students with skills and competencies that add value to society.

“The charter award is public acceptance and confirmation that Zetech University is committed to meeting the CUE’s academic excellence standards,” Munene said.

He stated that following a thorough assessment and engagement, CUE was satisfied that Zetech University has adequate facilities, human, library, and financial resources, viable relevant academic programs, and a sound governance structure.

Prof Harriet Kidombo, a representative of the University Council, praised the university administration and staff for their commitment to carrying out the university’s mandate.

“With the award of the charter, we now have the affirmation to confidently play its rightful role of offering quality education, training, research, and innovation for sustainable development and providing the much-needed solutions locally and globally,” Kidombo said.

Munene stated that the charter comes at a time when the University is broadening its undergraduate programs by adding 10 new undergraduate degrees.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with Technology, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Technology, Bachelor of Journalism, Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science, and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science are among the programs available.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics, Bachelor of Science in Media and Digital Communication, and Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering are some of the other degrees available.

He said the new programs herald a new chapter, especially in Sociology, Technology, and Political Science.


Munene stated that the courses are designed to keep up with a changing world that is increasingly shaped by science and technology.

“We appreciate CUE for working with us and approving the new programs that are in line with our teaching and training plan,” he said.

Zetech University Charter Award To Strengthen Academic Excellence in teaching and research

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