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‘Missing Marks’ In Kenyan Universities; Causes & Possible Solutions

‘Missing Marks’ In Kenyan Universities; Causes & Possible Solutions.

Missing grades are a common occurrence on college campuses, particularly at public universities. Many students struggle when it comes to graduation.

A missing mark on their transcript at some point during their academic journey is a painful thing.

Missing marks have been reported in approximately 90% of Kenyan universities. Every year before graduation, there are numerous complaints from students.

As a result of missing marks, a large number of students do not graduate. The issue of missing marks has contributed to strikes in a number of Kenyan universities. lists some of the causes and potential solutions to missing mark issues.

1 . Some students purposefully avoid taking some of the examination papers.

This could be due to a lack of exam preparation or insufficient revision. Some students avoid taking exams because they are afraid of failing.

When they realize the exam is difficult, some students sit for it, sign the attendance sheet, and fail to collect their exam booklets.

2 . Some students overlook the importance of writing their registration numbers on answer booklets.

Without your registration number on the answer booklet, you are guaranteed to receive zero marks because no lecturer will waste time looking for you.

It’s also difficult to identify students who haven’t written their registration numbers if there are several of them.

3 . Some part-time lecturers fail to submit student results due to the university’s delayed salary payments.

This is common among part-time lecturers because most of them freelance from one university to another and thus are unlikely to be paid on a regular and consistent basis.

And, in order to force the university to pay him, he will withhold students’ grades.

Expect the worst to happen if you are in the wrong books with an ‘evil’ lecturer. If you are a lady who has turned down his advances, he will almost always want to show you that he has your life in his hands. You’ll have to pay for it.

According to an Action Aid Kenya study done in 2019, one in every two female students in higher education institutions is sexually harassed.

For male students, the ratio is one in four. The Action Aid survey included 1,015 students from the University of Nairobi, Kenyatta, Pioneer, Multimedia, Zetech, and Daystar universities, among others.

Lecturers account for 66% of all perpetrators, followed by service personnel (24%), and management (23%).

“Pressuring students to exchange sexual acts for favourable grades and rewards is rife throughout the region,” reads a statement released to the press.

4. The student may not have completed all CATs and assignments.

One of the examination rules is that a student must complete all CATs, assignments, and the main exam. If you do not follow this rule, you will obviously lose your marks at the end of the semester.

5. System technical issues that result in grade loss. When such an incident occurs, the university is to blame.

Solutions For ‘Missing Marks’ In Kenyan Universities

  • Students who purposefully fail to appear for exams will face disciplinary action from the university senate.
  • Students who sit for exams but do not collect their exam booklets will be suspended by the university if a thorough investigation is conducted and they are found guilty.


  • Part-time lecturers will be paid on time once they have submitted all of the student’s exam results and met all of the conditions imposed by the corresponding university.
  • Administrative systems for students’ exam results must be fully stabilized and checked on a regular basis. An electronic backup system for raw marks will be implemented, particularly for universities that do not have one.


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