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KU Council Absent As Vice Chancellor Wainaina Returns

KU Council Absent As Vice Chancellor Wainaina Returns.

The new Kenyatta University council members, led by Chrispus Kiamba, did not show up to receive ousted Vice Chancellor Paul Wainaina, who had been reinstated by the employment and labor relations court.

There were only board members, students, and staff present.

“I am the KU vice chancellor and I’m happy to be back to continue from where I left, that is the admission of first years,” Wainaina said.

He stated that the institution is willing to provide the requested parcels of land, but that a procedure must be followed.

He stated that no document allows a university council to cede school property, as previously directed.

“Council according to all procedures, documents including statutes of the university has the mandate to preserve what is theirs,” Wainaina said.

Letters from the university to the ministry and the Minister of Public Service, Joseph Kinyua, confirm the council’s surrendered the land.

They claim, however, that they have not yet located the original title deed and are still looking for it.

On July 15, Kiamba wrote to Kinyua, stating that the council met the same day and directed the acting vice chancellor to surrender the main title deed.

Wainaina went on to say that the land in question had already been designated for a variety of projects.

“We wanted to construct a school of business, recreational centre and a proposed hostel for 10,000 students,” he said.

Concerning the hospital, Wainaina chastised the stakeholders in the land dispute, claiming that the process could result in the closure of the school of medicine.

He claims that the hospital is built on KU property and that the plan to separate ownership will have an impact on students.

“That will be very detrimental because we will be denied the medical accreditation and our medical school will be deregistered,” he said.


He stated that there cannot be an acting vice chancellor while a substantive one is in office.

“I am here and the court has ordered that I come back. Waceke Wanjohi (former acting VC) is a member of my management so we will work harmoniously,” he said.

The new council appointed Wanjohi to serve as an acting member.

Staff, board members, and students welcomed Wainaina back to the institution on Wednesday.

KU Council Absent As Vice Chancellor Wainaina Returns



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