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Kenyatta University Refuses to Surrender Half of Varsity Land

Kenyatta University Refuses to Surrender Half of Varsity Land

Kenya University council members have turned down a request to hand over the institution’s title deeds.

The university owns 1,000 acres around the main campus.

Prof. Wainaina stated that Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua sent him three letters last week directing the university to turn over the documents required to hive off 410 acres by Monday, July 11.

The title deeds will not be submitted, according to a statement issued by the council and signed by council chair Migot Adhola.

“We wish to inform you most respectfully, that we will be unable to accede to the request to the title deeds,” the statement reads.

This letter was in response to Kinyua’s previous request that the varsity hand over a portion of its vast land.

According to Kinyua’s letters, 30 acres will be donated to the WHO emergency hub, while others will be given to squatters.

Another ten acres will be donated to Africa’s disease control centers.

Kinyua stated that 180 acres will be donated to the nearby Kenyatta University Teaching, Research, and Referral Hospital, which already sits on 100 acres donated by the university ten years ago.

Another 190 acres would be subdivided and distributed to the 10,000 Kamae squatters who already illegally occupy the land.

“KU is holding large tracts of unutilized land and the planned interventions have nexus to KU academic interventions and will benefit KU as a whole,” Kinyua’s letter reads.

Adhola distanced the council from the state’s decision to acquire the land of Kenyatta University.

“If the due process of the law as foresaid was followed, the university would have been able to demonstrate that it requires every inch of its current land,” Adhola said.

The council went on to call the directive “unclear and unconstitutional,” claiming that they were not involved.

“The council holds the considered view that such a decision cannot be lawfully made without involving and consulting the council,” the statement reads.

At midday on Tuesday, the VC called an emergency meeting of the university staff at the institution’s amphitheater.

He told them that if he was fired, it would be because he tried to protect the university’s land.

Fighting back tears, the vice-chancellor stated that he was aware of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s reference to him last Saturday when he stated that some people would leave before he leaves office.

While addressing the university staff on Tuesday, KU Vice-Chancellor Paul Wanaina couldn’t help but cry as he expressed his displeasure.

His speech came in response to Kinyua’s directive that the university hand over nearly half of its land.

Wanaina read three letters from Kinyua, all of which were sent last week and directed the university to surrender the title deeds by Monday, July 11.


The VC revealed that the state had requested 410 acres from them, but they had refused.

“This is probably the last time I am talking to you as VC. I understand a new council is being formed,” he said amid tears.

Kenyatta University Refuses to Surrender Half of Varsity Land



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