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First KU New Council Meeting Set For Friday – Nabukwesi

First KU New Council Meeting Set For Friday – Nabukwesi

Education and Research at the University PS According to Simon Nabukwesi, the newly appointed members of the Kenyatta University Council will meet for the first time on Friday.

Nabukwesi was responding to previous claims that the appointed council members had refused to accept the position.

“The new council led by Crispus Kiamba will hold their first meeting tomorrow, which is July 14 on their transactional business going forward,” Nabukwesi told the Star.

Crispus Kiamba chairs the university’s new council, which includes Jane Wamoko, Carilus Odumbe, Maj. Gen (Rtd) Bashir Yussuf, Andrew Nyanchoga, and Alice Muita.

Former KU council chair Shem Migot Adhola clarified in a statement that dealing with university assets is the council’s responsibility.

This means that only the council can approve the transfer of land ownership or the use of the land by any investors.

“According to the Kenyatta University charter section 18(2) (a), the council is mandated to administer the university’s property and funds in a manner and for the purposes that shall promote the university’s interest.

Adhola was responding to Kinyua’s July 4 letter, which compelled the Vice Chancellor to hand over Kenyatta University title deeds.

In the midst of the ongoing land dispute, the council refused to submit the title deeds.

“The council will be unable to accede to the request to surrender the title deed to the subject parcel as requested,” the statement reads.


Adhola went on to say that the institution had already made preliminary plans for how to use the land in question.

“The master plan was acknowledged by the Environmental and Land Court in Nairobi ELC No1460 of 2002 Kenyatta University-vs. – Kimani Mbugua and Others,” the statement reads.

First KU New Council Meeting Set For Friday – Nabukwesi



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