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Every student who enrols in university to get a laptop – PS Nabukwesi

Every student who enrols in university to get a laptop – PS Nabukwesi

According to University Education PS Simon Nabukwesi, the government intends to give every student who enrols in university a laptop.

When donating laptops to Sipala Secondary School in Webuye on Wednesday, the PS spoke.

Nabukwesi urged education stakeholders to promote digital learning, noting that as the world becomes more digital, schools and institutions must become more integrated.

He stated that it is past time to implement information and communication technology literacy.

He went on to say that if one is not computer literate, they are illiterate in all other areas as well.

“The State Department of Education has proposed that the government buys a laptop for every first-year student. The implementation plans are underway,” he said.

According to Nabukwesi, the Ministry of Education and its partners are collaborating to ensure that academics are digitalized in secondary, middle-level colleges, and universities.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic measures that enforced social distancing, some institutions across the country have already adopted the e-learning system.

The PS, on the other hand, expressed concern about the low rate of application for online Commonwealth scholarships in Bungoma county.

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He claimed that only one candidate applied, blaming this on students’ increased computer illiteracy.

“If you are not exposed to computers and you don’t understand computer operation it will be very difficult because some of the universities use more of the e-library than the physical library,” he explained.

In support of the institution’s computer library, the Center for ICT Integration donated 15 computers to Sipala Secondary School.

According to David Butita, CEO of the Center for Integration, it is concerning that teachers are being integrated while institutions lack infrastructure.

“We will be committed to all institutions until they are fully integrated into the digital world,” he said.

Butita went on to say that the shift to digital learning will reduce carbon emissions, which will promote environmental conservation.

He also urged all other sectors to develop climate change mitigation plans.

Every student who enrols in university to get a laptop – PS Nabukwesi

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