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Less Marketable Courses In Kenya 2022

Less Marketable Courses In Kenya 2022

To have an advantage in the job market, we all know that you should have an academic degree.

Going into college or university-level of education has enhanced an easier way of getting employment. However, a degree won’t guarantee a job.

I have seen countries ending up with jobless, bright, graduates, each day of my life.

I have seen thousands of graduates turn up to an advertised job interview, yet only one or two individuals are needed.

To lessen your worry, pursuing a marketable course will assist you to eliminate yourself from this frustrating circumstance.

When deciding on a course to pursue, you must be very keen on the dynamics of professional growth. 


Carelessly enrolling for one, might get yourself pursuing an unsalable course. To avoid this, here is a list of flooded courses to enable you to think carefully before you enrol for them.

List of Flooded Courses in Kenya


Art courses are amongst the most flooded courses in Kenya unlike in well-developed nations where the market is high.

Kenya is a 3rd world country, people do not find any reason for investing in art as they do in economic matters, which is normal.

 Art Course demands a high level of creativity therefore lack of it will render you jobless upon completion of studies. Unless you are planning to become self-employed, think carefully before pursuing this course.

In as much as there are many creative people, art still constitutes the least marketable courses list.

2.Criminal Justice.

Criminal justice is not marketable because Kenya has failed to invest much in hiring a professional in this field.

One may think that there will be a demand for criminologists because of many insecurity incidences but gloomily, no. All that has been left for the policemen to manage.



According to the KUCCPS report, the hospitality course is unsalable due to its less demand in the job market. The course is flooded with jobless graduates.

The majority of Hospitality graduates have ended up working in organisations such as banks as receptionists, which is not anything one would imagine they would end up doing when selecting the course.

4.Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM)

Although Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) is flooded, if a person pursues CPA, KASNEB, CFA or ACCA on top of his degree paper, he will be marketable.

5.Chemical Engineering

Engineering courses are certainly amongst the most marketable careers in the country but trust me, not all of them.

There is close to no demand for chemical engineers in the country making the career unmarketable. When you choose to do this course, strive to work in more developed countries such as the United States of America.

6.Mass Communication

Among the most flooded courses in Kenya is Mass Communication. Most people enrol for it with the mind that it is simple to study and get a job. The bad news is that the Kenyan media companies have preferred to choose comedians as their workers than the experts. 

This is due to competition for viewers and listeners. They compete to expand their outreach. To get a working opportunity in this field, one has to be very competitive and productive unless they end up working as salespersons or resolve to pursue agriculture.


7.Bachelor of Education 

Bachelor of Education is another course that has disappointed many. I know some will argue but this is another bitter truth. 2020 data from the teachers’ employer TSC indicates that over 300,000 registered teachers are jobless.

However one may be lucky to get employed depending on the subject combination, some stay for over 6 years without employment. The only job that is half guaranteed is that of BOM that pays between Sh.10,000 to 27,000.

Other Courses Include:

  • Gender Development. 
  • Political Science.
  • Anthropology. 
  • Records Management. 
  • Theology, Youth Ministry, and Biblical Studies. 
  • Library courses. 
  • Forestry and Environmental Planning. 
  • Animal Husbandry. 
  • Childcare and Protection. 
  • Psychology and Counselling
  • Meteorology program.
  • Development studies.
  • Geographic information science.

In conclusion,

Every program has its usefulness, question is, can it get you employment in Kenya? Before you register for a course seek career advice so that you do not end up spending away years pursuing a less relevant course. Know your strengths because in some circumstances, no matter how flooded a course might be, some still succeed in doing well due to their ability and uniqueness. 

What is your take on this list? Add more in the comment section

Good Luck With Your Career Journey.

Less Marketable Courses In Kenya 2022

Less Marketable Courses In Kenya 2022



  1. I agree with the statistics of the flooded courses but on bachelor of education you have lied to us,because each and every day schools are being opened,children born hence need education,bachelor of eduction at high school level is on demand, i believe

  2. Yeah, the above mentioned courses needs to be revised with time and demand. But personally, as a junior Engineer in Electrical, I want to state the following as my solutions
    1. Over emphasis on university education is not important. What is important is empowering our generations with skills, relevant skills for that matter. I know of very many unemployed graduates who cannot make a mere wooden stool, this country is lacking artisans and no more professional carpenters, plumbers, electricians. All are quarks trying to make a living. We can go back to handwork and bring those skills to practice. We will solve this unemployment menace.
    2. Formal education is not the best way to determine someone’s ability. Out of 9 types of intelligence, ability to pass exams is just one of them. What about the other 8? So because of that, let’s think outside the box. You don’t need a degree to live good. You need willingness, curiosity, interest and concern. Some teachers lied to us that if we work hard in class we will have this bright future thing. What they forgot to tell us was that this narrative doesn’t work with everyone. In my own research, professionals( teachers,lawyers,engineers, doctors etc) lies in the 3rd lot of finance, this is after business men, and people with talents. You cannot compare the salary of a footballer to that of an engineer. A footballer earns best. But who is learned? We all know the answer. Let’s also empress talents. Musicians, footballer, basketballers, karatedos, athletes,etc. Finally as I conclude, narratives and strategies that worked in 13th century cannot work in 21st century. We need to revise them as time goes, in a span of at least 50 years we subject them to review. Many thanks indeed.

    • That’s a narrative to the beginners, you will understand this, the moment you are in the industry. Remember in kenya we have tendency of doing courses depending of whom we know in the economy. I rest my case.


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