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4th Suspect Arrested In KIMC Student Murder

4th Suspect Arrested In KIMC Student Murder

The fourth suspect in the murder of Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) student Purity Wangechi has been apprehended.

Isaac Kariuki Kibui, 22, was arrested Monday morning at Thindigua Delish Nail bar in Kiambu County as detectives continue their investigation into the heinous murder.

During the arrest, detectives escorted Kariuki to his home, where a thorough search yielded the discovery of a blood stained jacket believed to have been worn by Kariuki on the night of the murder.

The jacket will be forensically examined by experts from the DCI National Forensic Laboratory’s Biology unit.

According to the DCI, DNA experts from the Forensic Laboratory will try to determine whether the blood stains match samples collected from the deceased by their crime scene counterparts.

Purity Wangechi’s body, which had stab wounds and strangulation marks, was discovered by the roadside near Mburiria estate in Kiambu County on Saturday morning.

“The arrest of Kibui, brings the number of suspects in Purity’s painful murder to four, and detectives are leaving no stone unturned until all her killers are brought to book,” said boss George Kinoti.

Purity, 19, died in a tragic accident after discovering that the man she had fallen in love with was a dangerous man and confronting him, according to the DCI.

Meanwhile, the mastermind of the murder, John Wanyoike Kibungi alias VDJ Flexx, and two other accomplices, Kinaiya Kamau and Brendan Muchiri, were arraigned earlier today at the Kiambu law courts.

The court granted detectives custodial orders for the suspects to be held for 14 days in order to complete their investigations.

Following a manhunt launched Saturday by a combined team of detectives and general duty police officers, the mastermind, John Wanyoike Kibungi, 24, was smoked out of his hideout in Kirigiti, Kiambu County, on Sunday morning as he prepared to flee.

Kanaiya Kamau and Brendan Muchiri, two of his accomplices, were also arrested and charged with murdering the 19-year-old college student and disposing of her body.

Wangechi’s body was discovered Saturday morning by the roadside near Mburiria estate in Kiambu County, with visible stab wounds and strangulation marks.

Wangechi had fallen in love with one of the suspects and had been dating him for a while before discovering that he was a thug.

She confronted him about it, resulting in a miscommunication between the two.

She, on the other hand, had no idea that her lover was determined to cover his tracks by eliminating her.


According to police, Wangeci left the country’s premier media institution on Friday to meet him in Kirigiti in an attempt to rekindle the dying embers of their once-blooming love.

She had no idea she was walking right into a death trap.

4th Suspect Arrested In KIMC Student Murder



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