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University Lecturers Issue 7-Day Strike Notice

University Lecturers Issue 7-Day Strike Notice.

The University of Kabianga was paralyzed on November 24 after lecturers protested deplorable working conditions by laying down their tools.

Dons, led by the Kabianga University chapter secretary of the Universities Academic Staff Union (UASU), complained that they lacked marker pens.

“In our university we do not have marker pens, lecturers have to go to bookshop to but their own marker pens yet students have paid school fees,” Ombati decried.

The UASU representative then issued an ultimatum to the university administration to provide the necessary working tools.

He threatened management with a seven-day strike notice if they failed to provide adequate working tools.

The professors painted a bleak picture of the obstacles they face in performing their duties, noting that they must carry printing papers while walking around because the institution has neglected them.

In addition to stationery, the professors have unpaid invoices dating back seven years.

“The university does not pay our part-time claims, we have pending claims dating back to seven years.

Some of the students we taught back then have since graduated and joined us as lecturers, but we have never been compensated for having taught them, lamented the lecturers.

The dons also accused the university of delaying their monthly pay, asserting that they are paid no earlier than the middle of the month, unlike other government employees.

“Here they pay our salaries towards mid-month and yet government says you should receive your salary way before the month ends,” the dons complained.
Ombati also revealed that the university does not remit funds to their pension and healthcare schemes.
“Whenever they pay our salaries they deduct our pension but they do not remit to our pension schemes.

They deduct National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) but when you go to a hospital you are told your dues have not been paid,” he lamented.

University Lecturers Issue 7-Day Strike Notice


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