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University Deans Meet To Celebrate Teachers

University Deans Meet To Celebrate Teachers

Deans of Schools from various universities across the country gathered in Embu to participate in a walk commemorating World Teachers‘ Day.

With this year’s theme being “the transformation of education begins with teachers,” Dr. Peter Rugana, a lecturer at the University of Embu, stated that teachers play an important role in Kenya’s educational transformation.

Rugana stated at Kangaru School, where the walk was launched, that Kenya is able to experience transformation in education due to the efforts of teachers.

He stated that, despite a few cases of poor performance in some schools across the country, teachers have always put their best effort forward, which has yielded fruits not only in Embu County, but throughout the country.

Rugana went on to say that the government has always valued teachers’ efforts in Kenya, and that poor student performance has always demoralized teachers.

He urged teachers not to give up when their students perform poorly, but to encourage them to do better.

“Surprisingly enough there is a lot of appreciation of teachers’ work, while there are a few instances that make a lot of news the bulk of teachers’ work is much appreciated and especially when teachers work very hard and they see results, they feel much appreciated and the students feel good about it,” he said.

Obadiah Kiringa, a Geography and Christian Religious Education (CRE) teacher at Kangaru School Embu, believes the government values teachers because it adequately compensates them.

Kiringa stated that he enjoys teaching because he has molded many students who have excelled both locally and internationally.

He challenged his colleagues across the country to be proud of their work and to always put their best foot forward.

While appreciating the efforts of the teachers at Kangaru School, Michael Njeru, a form three student at Kangaru School, stated that all of the changes in his educational journey can be attributed to teachers who taught him in both primary school and now at Kangaru School.

University Deans Meet To Celebrate Teachers


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