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Universities And Colleges Claim That They Are Ready For Reopening

Talks with various heads of the higher learning institutions have disclosed universities and colleges had attained a high standard of preparedness, to ensure the resumption of studies.

The University of Nairobi Vice-Chancellor (VC) Professor Stephen Kiama asserted that the university had improved the health precaution measures to guarantee adherence to the ministry's guidelines upon reopening of studies.

The University of Nairobi (UoN) explained that it will be governed by instructions from the Education and Health ministries, thereafter the institution senate will have a meeting to endorse the determination and establish the exact re-opening date.

The UoN Corporate Affairs Director John Orindi told People Daily that no protocols have been received yet, but the university was going on with their activities involving virtual learning and that would continue until further notice.

Orinda noted that the university had embraced phased re-opening, beginning with final-year medical students as the institution examines behavioural trends.

Once allowed to go on with on-campus learning, the university'senate will meet to determine numerous considerations in regards to the available space and resources.0000

The Kenya Technical Trainers College (KTTC) Principal Hilda Omwoyo detailed that the has had promising progress in preparation for the resumption of on-course learning adding that the institution was improving the safety measures of its tutors and students.

The principal, however, did not reveal their re-opening date explaining that they were waiting for directions from the ministry of education. The KTTC already has installed water various points and produced enough sanitisers via it'science department as they promise to ensure that the social distancing idea is reinforced.

Just like the KTTC, Mount Kenya University (MKU) examined the institution and allocated a decent bill of health. MKU officials said they were ready to resume noting that the Ministry of Education has already declared the institution fit for the resumption of on-course learning.

Pwani University in Kilifi has re-affirmed their readiness for phased re-opening while adhering to the coronavirus guidelines. Me Rajab said that priority will be given to 4th-year students in the gradual reopening students since some learning such as Teaching Practice cannot be done online.

Mohamed Rajab the Pwani University Vice-Chancellor
said that the university had made considerable adjustments at the hostels by reducing the accommodation of 4 students to 2 per cubicle to guarantee social distancing upon resumption. 

Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) Vice-Chancellor Laila Abubakar explained that the institution has already been evaluated and the ministry of Education is delighted with their preparations.

Prof Abubakar noted that the university's Senate will meet at end of this week, to discuss any matter that is pending. He revealed that the 1.5-metre rule has already been marked in lecture halls and the student's capacity in hostels reduced for decongestion.


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