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TVETs to Absorb 2022 KCSE Students Who Missed University Entry Grade

TVETs to Absorb 2022 KCSE Students Who Missed University Entry Grade

TVET (Technical, Vocational Education and Training) colleges are ready to accept and accommodate most students who did not attain the KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) qualifications for university entry.

Principal Secretary for Technical, Vocational Education and Training, Dr. Esther Thaara Muoria, stated that these students should not be viewed as failures and that TVET colleges will ensure they receive the necessary skills to fit into the labor market.

Muoria spoke in Eldoret, where she presided over the opening of training on income generating activities for officers and TVET managers at the Rift Valley Technical Training Institute and the Eldoret National Polytechnic on Tuesday.

She was accompanied by the CEO of the Kenya School on TVET, Dr. Edwin Tarno, Principal of Eldoret Polytechnic, Charles Koech and Principal of RVTTI, Loice Yator.

More than 400,000 students received less than D+ in the recently released KCSE exam. However, Muoria stated that the willingness of youth to be trained is the most important requirement, rather than the marks they attained at lower levels.

The PS also visited some of the colleges in the country, which she found to be well equipped and with necessary capacity to offer quality training to youth.

“TVET institutions are the way to go because we want to have youth who are well trained with technical knowledge required in various fields, to help our country grow economically,” Muoria said. She further stated that the government will recruit 1,300 additional tutors for the TVETs in order to improve their training capacity.

“The government is also training of more than 3,100 managers for the TVET colleges to enhance their managerial capacity,” Muoria said.

Although the TVET colleges currently face a shortage of trainers countrywide, the government plans to gradually increase staffing as part of their plans to ensure quality training.

Muoria also said that the TVET managers were being trained to improve on their managerial skills so that they help to lead training that will help youth take the country to the next level of development.

Dr. Tarno stated that all managers at the TVET colleges, including finance officers and departmental heads, would go through the training to improve on their managerial skills.

“The training was informed by a research done by UNESCO and Kenya School on TVET, which established that there were many gaps in the capacity of the managers to effectively run the colleges,” he said.

The CEO also expects the training to have a positive impact on the operations and management of the colleges.

The PS further stated that the TVET colleges would also be used for income generating activities and centers of innovation.

In conclusion, TVET colleges are an essential aspect of education and training in Kenya, providing opportunities for students who did not attain the KCSE qualifications for university entry to acquire the necessary skills to fit into the labor market.

The government is also working to improve the capacity of these colleges through the recruitment of additional tutors and training of managers to ensure quality training is provided.

TVETs to Absorb 2022 KCSE Students Who Missed University Entry Grade


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