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TVET Student Enrolment Soars

TVET Student Enrolment Soars.

Since 2013, the national government has invested heavily in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector, increasing student enrollment by more than 600%.

The government has spent billions of dollars to provide modern infrastructure and highly skilled trainers to the country’s 238 TVET colleges in order to improve the quality of TVET education and close the skills gap.

Dr. Margaret Mwakima, Principal Secretary, State Department of Vocational and Technical Training, stated that since the start of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration in 2013, the number of TVET institutions has increased by over 450% in an effort to improve access, equity, and quality of TVET education.

Following sustained awareness campaigns, the Trans Nzoia county government has realized encouraging student enrollment in Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) centers.

Susan Ndera, County Education and ICT Chief Officer, made the remark during a training session at Kitale Vocational Training Centre on Saturday.

Mrs. Ndera cited negative publicity, ignorance, and a negative attitude as major factors affecting student enrollment at TVET institutions in the County.

According to the CO, the County now has a student population of approximately 3,500, up from a paltry 800 in 2013 in all 31 TVET centers spread across the County.

“There is no gainsaying that TVET institutions, the world over, play a significant role by equipping learners with skills-oriented education, which enables them to fit well within the dynamic world of employment,” observed Ndera.

The official urged learners who had completed primary and secondary education to develop and enrich their individual skills, emphasizing that TVETs institutions offered a variety of competency-based short and long courses, including hairdressing, plumbing, building technology, food and beverage, and electrical engineering, among others.

“In terms of skills development, the TVETs are purely hands-on. Tutors and students spend very little time on the coursework in theory with the bulk of it going toward practical sessions,” explained Ndera.

The CO revealed that the devolved unit had allocated 30% of its Elimu bursaries to students in TVETs in order to increase student enrolment and ensure that no students missed classes due to fee challenges.


She urged parents and guardians of children who did not enroll in Form One to enroll them in TVET training in order to help the children acquire important skills that will allow them to realize their future dreams.

“To this end am calling upon the Ministry of Education and local administration to help in identifying the children who are at home for such to get an opportunity to enhance their education,” she appealed.

Ndeda thanked the National Government for the regular capitation grants given to TVET students.

TVET Student Enrolment Soars



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