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High Technical Courses Enrolment After Government Slash Fee

High Technical Courses Enrolment After Government Slash Fee.

Youths are enrolling in large numbers for technical courses after the national government reduced school fees from over Sh90,000 to Sh56,420. Sh30,000 is distributed to institutions as capitation.

Karumo Technical Training Institute in Tigania West and Meru National Polytechnic in Imenti North are two institutions with high enrollment in Meru County.

At Karumo Technical Training Institute, approximately 2,000 students enrolled this month according to Principal Kigige Mutembei. He says he expects the number to grow even higher.

Before Covid-19, the institution only had 900 students.  In 2020, there was no intake. 

 Mr Mutembei says he had to send all of his staff on a marketing spree and work with local leaders, including chiefs, to reach out to the youth and inform them about available opportunities.

He claims that among the new students are young mothers attracted by the government’s financial assistance.

“When they get information, I see even young mothers coming to enrol. They are very eager to learn,” he said.

Lewis Kithinji, a community leader in Nyaki West, said he had recruited 200 students to join Karumo, adding that many were unaware of the government’s funding.

Most youths are from Kithoka, Chugu, Mulathankari, Munithu, and other areas in Nyaki West’s seven districts. 

Mr Kithinji, who also runs a mentoring program for local youth believes that getting 200 students to learn technical skills will make a significant difference in the community.

Kithinji stated that the youth, mostly in their twenties and thirties, had demonstrated a willingness to return to school because some had been unable to enrol in universities and others had missed opportunities for personal development.

“They can get the diplomas and advance it further. We want an educated group of people who can contribute to the development of this area,” he said.

High Technical Courses Enrolment After Government Slash Fee



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