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TVET Heads Asked To Honor The Transfer Directives Or Face Consequences.

Education CS Magoha Warns 
Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha has warned the TVET institutions heads disobeying the government transfer in the government restructuring programme. 

“The president has tasked us to reengineer the TVET sector in this sector. If you have been transferred to another government institution, kindly hand over to the person who has come and move on unless otherwise.” the Education CS said.

More than 50 heads were shifted in the government massive transfers. Most of the transferred principals were shifted due to poor management of resources or inability to innovate and mentor their junior TVET institution.

"When you are reassigned and you refuse to move, it now starts creating suspicion on what you are doing that you don’t want to move,” CS Magoha stated.

Other school heads were shifted due to cautious management of the institution's funds and misunderstandings with the TVET boards. Some heads were transferred to restore sleeping institutions with growth capacities but have declined to transform due to bad leadership and management.

“No one is immune to changes no matter how good you are, " magoha noted adding that he was once ahead at the University of Nairobi for 10 years but had to vacate later. 

Some sources revealed that a few principals we're not in harmonious terms with the transfers and went on to persevere political interventions in order to maintain positions in their learning institutions.

According to the TVET Principal Secretary Julius Jwan, the carried-out deployments were normal for the government to achieve service of delivery. Julius Jwan accused some transferred heads from the Teachers Service Commission(TSC) offices of derailing to shape training to match the national goals.


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