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Best accredited TVET courses and institutions in Kenya in 2023

Best accredited TVET courses and institutions in Kenya in 2023

TVETA began in 2013 through the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority Act that was aimed at delivering a competitive workforce relevant to the Kenyan market. 

The institution oversees the registration, licensing, development, and accreditation of institutions.

It certifies trainers and develops the curriculum in conjunction with CDACC. 

TVET Authority stresses the accountability and professionalism of its members while ensuring integrity, teamwork, and public participation. 

Previously, there was no mention of the term ‘vocational’ in the list of courses administered by training institutions in Kenya.

Some must be wondering what vocational training means and if it is any different from technical training.

Difference Between Technical Training and Vocational Training

Technical training focuses on a particular skill while vocational training includes training of the complete skills needed for a particular job.

For example, if you learn pipe laying, you will have acquired technical skills.

You can work as a plumber, but your skills will be limited to pipe laying. 

On the other hand, in Vocational training, you are taught all aspects of plumbing, both theoretical and practical to enable you to make informed calculations, and know-how to lay pipes, among other practical skills. 

List of TVET courses offered in Kenya

TVETA has approved a total of 278 competency-based courses. This is meant to protect students from enrolling to fake courses. Here is a list of the best TVET courses in Kenya. 

  • Certificate in Social Work 
  • Certificate in Disaster Management 
  • Certificate in Community Development  
  • Diploma in Information Technology 
  • Certificate in Business Management
  • Diploma in Business Management 
  • Diploma in Journalism 
  • Certificate in Tour Guiding
  • Certificate in Electrical Engineering 
  • Certificate in CPA 
  • Certificate in Supply Chain Management
  • Diploma in Computer Engineering 
  • Certificate in Food Preparation & Culinary Arts 
  • Certificate in Computer Engineering 
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management  
  • Diploma in Catering and Accommodation 
  • Certificate in Human Resource Management
  • Certificate in Catering and Accommodation Artisan in Building Technology Artisan in Fashion Design and Garment making 
  • Grade III in Electrical Wireman 
  • Grade III-1 in Masonry 
  • Grade III in Tailoring & Dressmaking 
  • Grade III-1 in Hairdressing 
  • Diploma in Homecare Management 
  • Diploma in Kenya Registered Nursing Trade 
  • Craft in Homecare Management 
  • Trade Test in ICT Read 
  • Test in Motor Vehicle Mechanics 

List of accredited technical colleges in Kenya

Having known a thing or two about the courses, the following institutions have been certified to offer these courses. There are about 1,417 accredited and licensed TVET colleges in Kenya. These include: 

  • Bureti Technical Training Institute 
  • ACK Bishop Hannington Institute of Theology and Development Studies 
  • Aberdare Institute of Business Studies and Catering 
  • Achievers School of Professional Studies 
  • Bartek Institute Eldama Ravine Campus 
  • ACK Language School Adept College of Professional Studies 
  • KPA Bandari College 
  • Busia Vocational Training Centre 
  • Baraka Vocational Training Centre 
  • Baringo Technical College 
  • Bondo Technical Training Institute 
  • Bonjour Institute Bumbe Technical Training Institute 
  • Catherine Mcauley Nursing School-Mater Hospital 
  • Chuka Technical Training Institute 
  • East Africa Institute of Professional Counseling 
  • Eastlands College of Technology Eldoret Technical Training Institute Endebess Technical Training Institute 
  • Finstock Evarsity College Institute of Advanced Technology 
  • Institute of Energy Studies and Research 
  • Kabete Technical Training Institute 
  • Kenya Institute of Catering 
  • Kenya Institute of Highway and Building Technology 
  • Kaganda Vocational Training Centre 
  • Kenya Christian Industrial Training Institute 
  • Katine Technical Training Institute 
  • Kenya Institute of Business Training 
  • Keroka Technical Training Institute 
  • Kips Technical College 
  • Kiirua Technical Training Institute 
  • Kisiwa Technical Training Institute 
  • Machakos Technical Training Institute 
  • Latia Resource Centre 
  • Mombasa Airways Training Institute 
  • Nairobi Technical Training Institute 
  • Mombasa Technical Training Institute 
  • Nakuru Training Institute 
  • National Industrial Training Institute
  • Nyeri Technical Training Institute 
  • Nyandarua Institute of Science and Technology 
  • Petanns Institute of Business Studies
  • Sotik Technical Training Institute  
  • Pinnacle Business School 
  • Sensei Institute of Technology 
  • Vera Beauty College
  • Wote Technical Training Institute 
  • Vision Institute of Professionals 

Best accredited TVET courses and institutions in Kenya in 2023


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