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TSC Warns Shoolheads Against Hiring Unregistered Teachers.

TSC Warns Shoolheads Against Hiring Unregistered Teachers.

To ensure the quality of education, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) chief executive officer asked school principals to avoid hiring people who are not registered with the commission.

According to Dr Nancy Macharia, both public and private schools have continued to employ unregistered teachers under the supervision of the Board of Management (BOM).

She stated that because they are not registered teachers, they are unable to take action against those who abuse students.

She expressed concern about an increase in the number of cases of female teachers sexually abusing their students.

“This has paused a challenge, especially when such teachers engage in immoral behavior and members of public expect TSC to act. It is time you stopped employing persons who are not registered as teachers,” she said.

TSC Deputy Director of Staffing Antonia Lentoijoni told teachers in Mombasa that, teachers with TSC-approved qualifications, are the right kind of people to ensure quality education for children.

“These are the people with the ability to offer quality education for our children,” she said.

Lentoijoni stated that the commission has trained 28,000 teachers in the last few years to address the teacher shortage.

She stated that Kenyan children deserved quality education, which is why the commission needed to raise the bar.

Requirements For Teachers Service Commission (TSCCertificate Application (Kenyan Citizens)

NB: Applications are done online.

  • Certified copies of educational and skilled certificates
  • National identity card (ID)
  • Bank slip of your registration payment
  • One passport size photo
  • Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA) pin
  • GP69 medical form 
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Entry and work permits ( for non-Kenyan citizens).
  • Ksh1055 non-refundable fee.

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TSC Registration requirements for Teachers (Non Kenyan Citizens)

  1.  academic and Professional Certificates and other evidence for registration as a teacher obtained in Kenya or the country of origin
  2. Academic and Professional Certificates. NB: Must have been awarded by an accredited foreign institution and equated by the relevant public body in Kenya
  3. Certificate of Registration as a teacher or authority to teach in the country of origin
  4. a valid Entry / Work Permit issued by the Department of Immigration
  5. a valid Certificate of Good Conduct issued by the relevant law enforcement agency in the country of origin
  6. vetting letter from the Ministry of Education (Kenya) and prescribed fee of Kshs. 1055

TSC Warns Shoolheads Against Hiring Unregistered Teachers.


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