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TSC Trains 1,166 Teachers On CBC As It Targets 106,000 More Ahead Of the Grade 6 Roll-out.

TSC Trains 1,166 Teachers On CBC As It Targets 106,000 More Ahead Of the Grade 6 Roll-out.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has trained 1,166 tutors of both public and private teacher training colleges on the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), CEO Nancy Macharia has said.

Out of this number, 986 teachers are from public schools, while 180 of them are from private institutions bringing a total of 655 trained male teachers and 511 female teachers.


The commission has also announced a recruitment exercise for 1,995 intern teachers, as it seeks to promote 2,400 others in line with career progression guidelines (CPG), says CEO Dr Nancy Macharia.

60,000 high school teachers are also set to be trained on CBC in March next year in preparation for junior secondary rollout. More than 228,000 tutors have been trained so far, according to the government.

"I salute our teachers and the TSC for the dedication teachers have had to the CBC." Said the Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha on Tuesday.

Grade 6 pilot study is set to begin on September 27 countrywide; TSC says 106,000 teachers will be trained in the preparation of the rollout.

the Economic Survey 2021 released last week revealed that 80 per cent of teachers are yet to acquire the necessary qualifications for teaching the competency-based curriculum (CBC).

81 per cent of teachers (178,024) had only a P1 certificate by the end of last year according to the survey. They are required to have a diploma for effective implementation of the new curriculum.

The government has assured a smooth transition of pioneer CBC learners to secondary. The Ministry of Education says it has laid out elaborate ways of placing pupils who are now in grade 5 into secondary schools.

Principal Secretary for Early Learning and Basic Education Dr Julius Jwan defended the new curriculum saying teachers are expected to use available materials within the environment to deliver the curriculum under the CBC system of education.

CS for Education Prof George Magoha says all parents regardless of education and status, are intelligent. He says parents should engage with their children's education by supporting them in their learning process under the CBC system of Education.

TSC maintains that new learning areas included under CBC have made it necessary for all teachers to go back to class and obtain skills on handling subject adjustments in preparation for the secondary school double intake in 2023.

A letter dated July 26 written by TSC boss Nancy Macharia to Basic Education PS Julius Jwan indicates that the introduction of new subjects requires teachers to be trained and hired.

Special attention is mostly required in pre-technical and pre-vocational education, life skills, agriculture and health education. Others include optional subjects such as Kenya sign language, indigenous languages, visual arts and performing arts. 

According to TSC Chief Executive Officer Macharia, all biology and home science teachers will have to be retrained to enable them to handle health education.

Social studies teachers must be trained on how to teach new content on citizenship. Sports and physical education teachers must also be trained on how to deal with sports and health.

“We advise and recommend that the teacher education curriculum should be made flexible and aligned to enable a single teacher to teach a variety of subjects,” says Nancy Macharia.

The letter is an official advisory on the requirements and preparation of teachers ahead of the establishment of junior and senior secondary schools (JSS) in under two years.


Teachers are currently equipped to teach at least two subjects, unlike the CBC which has widened the teaching areas. New teaching areas included are sports, performing arts and visual and applied arts, leatherwork, hairdressing, wood technology, beauty therapy, ceramics, plumbing and welding fabrication, mandarin.

TSC maintains that teachers in different subjects that have been adjusted or adopted new learning areas will go back to school for retraining. These include business studies teachers, English and literature, mathematics, physical sciences, Kiswahili, sign language, French, Arabic, German, Agriculture, CRE, History, and building construction. 

Those teaching Islamic Religious Education (IRE), Hindu Religious Education (HRE), home economics, aviation, electricity and metal technology will be retrained as well. For the retooling and training of teachers to be effectively implemented TSC recommends that sufficient funds be made available.

TSC recommends that Kagumo, Kibabii and Lugarithe colleges be ordered to admit students for the new subjects “on a demand-driven approach.”

Kenya Technical Training College (KTTC) should be upscaled in terms of the training of teachers in technical subjects required under CBC.

“Universities should be appropriately informed about the new subjects and that should guide admission of students pursuing education to meet the projected demands,” the commission says.

The pioneer CBC group is expected to transition to Junior Secondary School (JSS) in 2023. It is at JSS that learners will need to deepen their understanding of the broad CBC and choose pathways and tracks to follow in Senior Secondary School ï´¾SSSï´¿. 



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