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TSC Urges Teachers To Embrace CBC And ICT Skills

TSC Urges Teachers To Embrace CBC And ICT Skills.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has urged teachers to support the government by fully embracing the CBC, which is more skill-oriented and allows learners to discover and nurture their talents and abilities.

Mrs. Grace Mwangi, Kericho TSC County Director, urged teachers to become familiar with Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools and skills, which are becoming increasingly important as the world enters the Information Age.

“Teachers should aim to acquire more knowledge and skills necessary for the implementation of the Competency-Based Curriculum for effectiveness in teaching, training, and equipping students in this 21st century,” she noted.

The education sector in Kericho and Bomet Counties received a significant boost after the James Finlay Kenya tea company offered four fully equipped day schools to students enrolled in Junior Secondary schools under the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

The company, which is the leading grower, manufacturer, and supplier of Kenyan Tea, built and furnished four new schools in Belgut, Kericho, and the other two in Konoin and Bomet County to address a lack of facilities ahead of the transition.

Mr. Daniel Kirui, Human Resource Director at James Finlay Kenya, urged the Ministry of Education to partner with them by providing teachers to the new schools to be commissioned for CBC junior secondary during a prize-giving event at AHP Workshop Primary School.

“At the moment those schools are not functional as we had to close the schools a while back owing to changes in business, but the schools are available and the structures are set and ready to receive the learners” added Mr. Kirui

Ms. Janet Ruto, the Diversity and Inclusion Manager and School Coordinator, stated that Finlay Sponsored Schools have been topping the list of well-performing schools in the region, recording good grades and marks, due to good working relationships between teachers, learners, and the sponsor.

“Chemasingi Secondary School in Bomet was the leading day school in the County, and the best boy scored 418 and best girl 414 marks all from AHP Workshop Primary School,” said, Ms. Ruto

Ms. Ruto attributed the good performance to social programs that support the development of learners, such as the welfare department, which runs mentorship and education programs that have contributed to the academic and social development of the students’ lives.


Since 2010, The Finlay Community Trust has invested over Sh220 million in infrastructure to support student development and improve students’ lives by building classrooms, libraries, and laboratories at schools in accordance with the government’s Infrastructure Expansion Program.

TSC Urges Teachers To Embrace CBC And ICT Skills.



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