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TSC transfers TPG’s Spokesperson Martha Omollo after calling for abolition of teachers’ medical scheme Aon Minet

TSC transfers TPG’s Spokesperson Martha Omollo after calling for the abolition of teachers’ medical scheme Aon Minet

Just a day after calling for the cancellation of the teachers’ medical scheme Aon Minet, the spokesperson of the Teachers Pressure Group (TPG), Ms Martha Omollo has been transferred by TSC from Nairobi to Trans Nzoia County.

TPG, she claims, fills a void left by the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) in fighting for teachers’ rights.

Ms Omollo revealed to the Sunday Nation yesterday that the transfer is malicious and intended to intimidate and silence her and other teachers from speaking out against the frustrations teachers are experiencing with medical coverage and other injustices introduced by the TSC.

“On Friday I received a call from TSC Nairobi County director through my headteacher who told me that I should be cautious of what I speak to the media and that any issues I have I should go through the teachers’ unions,” she said.

And, around 4 p.m., Ms Omollo said, a TSC head office official drove to the school and handed her the transfer letter, which directs her to begin clearing from the school immediately.

To her surprise, Martha claims the headteacher appeared to have been informed about her transfer because he had already typed and signed a release letter from the school.

Ms Omollo was directed to report to the Trans Nzoia TSC county director by Monday, according to a letter signed by a TSC official, Mr Fredrick Mwaniki, on behalf of the commission’s CEO Nancy Macharia.

“Please note that it is an offence to leave your present station and join another without formally being released in writing as stipulated in the TSC Code of Regulation for teachers,” reads the letter.

“The commission has decided that you be transferred from Nairobi to Trans Nzoia County with effect from November 15 to teach all subjects,” reads the letter dated November 12.

Ms Macharia also directed the Nairobi TSC director to notify the commission’s headquarters of her departure date from the region.

She stated that her release should take no longer than 14 days.

Ms Macharia also directed the Trans-Nzoia TSC director to notify the commission’s headquarters of Ms Omollo’s reporting date.

Mr Wilson Irungu, the headteacher of Mowlem Supaloaf Primary School, where Ms Omollo was teaching four subjects, confirmed the transfer and thanked her for her service to the institution.

 When she asked the TSC official about the reason for her transfer, he said, “the commission is treating your transfer like any other.”

Ms Omollo stated that after receiving the letter, she inquired about her disturbance allowance, which is supposed to equal her salary, but the official was non-committal.

She says after visiting the commission’s Trans Nzoia office on Monday to be sent to the school where she is supposed to teach, the TPG spokesperson says she will go to court because that decision was made with malice.

When a teacher is transferred, a letter is sent to the county TSC director, then to the sub-county director, and finally to the headteacher, who hands over the letter, according to Ms Omollo.

She also stated that the process does not take a single day, as it did in her case.

“I have already instructed my lawyer to take up the matter,” said Ms Omollo.

The TPG has called for the cancellation of AON Minet medical coverage, claiming that teachers are being frustrated when seeking treatment.

Tutors have also been encouraged to oppose the Teacher Professional Development Programme, according to the group. Ms Omollo was summoned by the TSC a week ago and told to retract her call for teachers to resist the TPD.

The lobby group has been taking on union officials, demanding that they resign for failing to represent the interests of their colleagues.

According to the group, the Kuppet and Knut leadership signed a non-monetary collective bargaining agreement with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) against the wishes of the members.

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“We demand the immediate resignation of non-teachers leaders in Kuppet like Mr Omboko Milemba, who is the MP for Emuhaya, Mr Ronald Tonui, the Bomet Central MP, and Ms Catherine Wambilyanga, the Bungoma Woman Representative as they are no longer teachers,” Ms Omollo once said.

TSC transfers TPG’s Spokesperson Martha Omollo after calling for abolition of teachers’ medical scheme Aon Minet



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