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TSC Recruitment Guidelines for Post-Primary School Teachers — 2022

TSC Recruitment Guidelines for Post-Primary School Teachers — 2022

Following the advertisement for recruitment of teachers on permanent and pensionable terms, Boards of Management are required to conduct the selection exercise for the advertised vacancy (ies) in their Institutions.

Applicants will be required to submit their applications to the Secretary, Teachers Service Commission online through for the institution where a vacancy has been declared. 

The Selection Panel is required to exercise the highest degree of transparency and accountability, as stipulated in the Public Officer Ethics Act, and TSC Code of Conduct and Ethics (CoCE, 2015). 

The TSC Regional Directors are required to induct TSC County Directors within their areas of jurisdiction, who in turn are expected to induct members of the Selection Panels involved in the recruitment process on the relevant Sections of the Act and the Code of Regulations for Teachers (CORT, 2015) before the commencement of the selection exercise.

The TSC County Director MUST ensure that the recruitment process is done in strict adherence to the laid down protocols by the Ministry of Health on containment of COVID- 19 pandemic.

TSC County Director MUST ensure that venues for interviews are accessible to applicants with disability. 

All applicants MUST be registered teachers as per Section 23(1) of the Teachers Service Commission Act, 2012. Applicants who are not duly registered shall not be considered for recruitment. 

TSC County Directors MUST ensure that Heads of Institutions confirm online registration status of the applicants at shortlisting stage to avoid engaging unregistered/deregistered teachers.

Applicants whose names differ in the academic and professional certificates and/or identification cards MUST present an Affidavit, sworn under the Oaths and Statutory Declarations Act, Cap 15 of the Laws of Kenya to explain the variance in names.

Applicants who re-sat either KCPE or KCSE examinations (or their equivalents) MUST present certified copies of the certificate(s) of the national examination(s) in question for all the attempts. Copies of the certificates must be certified by the Sub-County Directors.

System generated Applicants’ Lists shall be used by the County Selection Panel to shortlist five (5) applicants for every post advertised. Details of the shortlisted applicants, interview dates and venues shall be published on the Teachers Service Commission website. 

Upon invitation for interview, applicants shall be required to present the originals and clear copies of the following documents: – 

a) National identification card; 

b) Certificate of Registration as a teacher; 

c) Authentic evidence of service as a teacher intern (where applicable); 

d) Diploma/Degree certificate and official transcripts; 

e) KCSE certificates or its equivalent (include certificates for attempts if one resat exams); 

f) KCPE certificate or its equivalent (include certificates for attempts if one resat exams); 

g) Primary and Secondary School leaving certificates and other relevant testimonials;

h) National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) Card (where applicable); 

i) An Affidavit sworn under the Oaths and Statutory Declarations Act, Cap 15 of the Laws of Kenya to explain the variance in names; 

j) Letter of certification of results by KNEC (where applicable)

Heads of Institutions shall interview the five (5) applicants in the published list for every advertised post. 

In cases where less than five (5) applicants are shortlisted, all of them shall be interviewed. 

The interviewed list of applicants shall make up a vacancy specific Merit List. 

The details of the shortlisted candidates shall be posted in the TSC Website at least Seven (7) days before the date of the interview.

All applicants, irrespective of gender, disability, ethnicity or Home County shall be given equal opportunities. 

The Commission shall ensure that 5% of all the advertised slots are reserved for the recruitment of teachers with disabilities in accordance to the provisions of Constitution and the Law. 

The Commission shall allocate additional slots to schools in ASAL and Hard-to-Staff areas based on the recorded teacher shortage.

In the event of a tie, consideration for selection will be determined as per the order of priority shown hereunder: 

a) Applicants’ disability status; 

b) Participation in the TSC Teacher Internship Programme; 

c) Length of Stay since graduation; 

d) Strength of academic and professional certificates presented. 

e) If applicants tie in aggregate grades, subject grades shall be considered.

The names of interviewed applicants ranked in order of performance in the selection process for each vacancy (Appendix iii) shall be submitted to the Commission by the TSC County Director together with Application for Employment forms.

Preference will be given to applicants who have never been employed by the Commission. 

During the interview, the school selection panel will develop a vacancy-specific merit list. 

The Merit List shall be used in the subsequent recruitment processes involving a similar vacancy in the county within the financial year or as directed by the Commission from time to time.

The school selection panel shall submit the vacancy-specific merit list to the Sub-County Director. 

The Sub-County Director will submit the merit list for compilation of subject-specific merit lists to the County Director and Regional Director Nairobi to generate a databank for the County. 

The TSC County Director shall forward the subject-specific merit list to the Regional Director, who will compile the regional subject-specific merit lists. 

The Regional Director will forward the regional subject-specific merit lists to the Director of Staffing at the Headquarters. 

This data bank of interviewed candidates shall be used to replace those exiting service within the financial year.

Where candidates are exhausted from the subject-specific county data bank, a replacement shall be done using the Regional data bank. 

Where candidates are exhausted within a region, vacancies shall be filled using the Subject-Specific National Data Bank. 

The subject-specific data bank shall be used to fill vacancies arising from the county, region, and nationally within the financial year.

The County Selection Panel shall compile subject-specific merit lists for the county. 

The panel will use these merit lists to fill subject-specific vacancies in subsequent recruitment processes within a financial year. 

TSC Recruitment Guidelines for Post-Primary School Teachers — 2022 (PDF DOWNLOAD)

TSC Recruitment Guidelines for Post-Primary School Teachers — 2022



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