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TSC Deregistered Teachers; October 2022

TSC Deregistered Teachers; October 2022

The Commission wishes to publish the names of teachers who have been removed from the Register of Teachers in accordance with Section 30 of the TSC Act (2012).

Furthermore, under the law, these teachers are not permitted to teach in any educational institution.

A teacher’s registration can be revoked if he or she:

  • Dies
  • Fraudulently obtains registration
  • Has been convicted of a sexual offense or a crime against a student
  • Has been convicted of a criminal offense that makes the person unfit to teach Is found unfit to teach as a result of disciplinary proceedings
  • Suffers from a physical or mental illness or infirmity that prevents the individual from performing the duties of a teacher.

TSC Deregistered Teachers; October 2022

If the teacher was serving on Permanent and Pensionable terms and was confirmed in the service, the dependants are entitled to Death Gratuity and Dependants Pension.

The following conditions must be met in order for a death gratuity to be paid:

The name of the deceased teacher is removed from the payroll, and any overpayment is recovered.

The next-of-kin must provide an original death certificate as well as a letter from the area chief identifying the next-of-kin and dependants.

The payment, if any, will be settled by the next of kin.

The claim is forwarded to the Pensions Director for payment.

NB: In the event of a disagreement, the parties are referred to the Deputy County Commissioner for arbitration. Dependents may also seek legal recourse in a court of law. 

For a period of five years, a pension is paid to deceased dependants who are under the age of 18.

While on duty, he was killed.

When a teacher is killed on the job, his or her dependents are entitled to a pension.

The benefit is payable to the spouse and/or dependents of a teacher who dies as a result of injuries sustained while on the job and without his/her own fault.

NB: When claims are forwarded to the Treasury for payment, the retirees/next of kin are notified.


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