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TSC Delocalization Scheme Face Invalidation By Parliament

TSC Delocalization Scheme Face Invalidation By Parliament

The Teachers Service Commission’s (TSC) delocalization scheme could be invalidated in the near future if the National Assembly approves a motion that has been submitted.

On Thursday, November 3, the House of Representatives unanimously supported a motion on the Review of Teacher Deployment Policy, challenging the policy that permits TSC to deploy teachers outside of their home communities.

Bishop Titus Khamala, an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) politician and Lurambi representative, introduced the motion.

Khamala stated that the delocalization program was incompatible with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) teacher deployment practice, which views education as a cultural process undertaken within the cultural context of the local population.

In addition, the representative stated that the policy interrupted the lives of instructors and decreased their morale due to the anguish caused by the migration.

In addition, the motion asserts that instructors were not included in the policy’s implementation decision and that there was no defined policy framework.

“The exercise was not supported with a clear policy framework and was initiated without the participation of teachers or their unions, contrary to Articles 118 and 132 of the Constitution on public participation and involvement of the people in the process of policymaking,” read the motion in part. 

In an effort to reconcile the current policy with International Labour Organization (ILO) and UNESCO recommendations surrounding the deployment of instructors, the resolution proposed modifying the existing policy.

MPs also suggested a review of the teachers’ deployment policy to ensure that teachers will be assigned to zones.

“The motion recommends reviewing the teacher recruitment policy with a view to devolving it to a zonal level as the point of recruitment,” read the motion.

During his campaign, President William Ruto vowed to remove the program after receiving multiple objections from teachers’ representatives.

Ruto suggested that teachers should be encouraged to work outside of their home counties by giving them a chance to do so.

TSC Delocalization Scheme Face Invalidation By Parliament


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